So, the morning was crazy.  As it always is when I am trying my best to get the few extra minutes of sleep that I am desperate for, get two kids dressed and detangled, then the other two fed and ready.
I didn't have enough time to drink my coffee.  Sad face.  I usually drink a glass of iced cold brew at home, then bring a glass with me when I leave.

The dilemma- full French press of awesome, no cup/ glass/ anything/ big enough to carry it in to my morning mom's group.

The solution- hello Mason jar.
Mason jar is all- got a problem, yo I'll solve it...

So I filled it up with ice, dumped the contents of my French press in, topped it off with almond milk, screwed on the lid, stuck a straw in my pocket, ran out the door.

Then I did what any good Instagrammer does, took a picture of said Mason jar.  Mason jar and catnapper.  Because they are so hot right now.

Sweet Jenni left me this comment:
Google 'cuppow', you need this in your life.

So I did.
And I do.
How many nights have you stayed up wishing that you could turn your mason jar into a travel mug?
Rest well my friend.  Your problems are solved.

But perhaps you are still awake.  Stressing out about your cold hands, as you hold your iced coffee.  Or how it lacks style.  You know that you want cuter coffee.  Who doesn't????

Good thing my friend Alyce from Little Mamas Pretties listened to our pleas and added mason jar cozies to her super cute shop.  How adorable are these?  How much do you want pretty coffee tomorrow?

All because of a crazy morning, and the Instagram obsession with Mason jars.
I may never be the same.


  1. That's so cute! And I love what the mason jar was saying! wink!

  2. I'm dying so funny! Ordered my cup wow after instagram and I'm sure many others did to you and jenni need some compensation yo:)

  3. Thanks to you, I will now have to order this and bring it to the streets of Paris! So cute, smart and fun!

  4. That instagram thread captured me yesterday! I wonder how many Cuppows will be sold in the next few days.

  5. french press and almond milk? yes, please!

  6. I love that cuppow thing. I've had it pinned for awhile now, but just haven't gotten around to buying one.

    Those cozies are too cute. If I do buy a cuppow, I'm gonna have to buy one of those too.

    P.S. Cold brew coffee is like manna from heaven!

  7. I saw this on Instagram yesterday...looove it, of course!! :D

  8. hehe cutifying the jars made me laugh :) What a neat and original idea to use jars like that!

  9. Umm, I need Cuppow in my life!

  10. pretty much adore that you used a vanilla ice reference. thank you, sincerely, all the ghetto at heart.

  11. Love everything about this!
    Looks like I will be doing a little shopping this morning.

  12. oh no you didn't.
    mason jar.
    straw in pocket.
    beverage coozie.
    cuppow lid.
    you are straight legit blogger right now.
    you really blew up the 'gram yesterday with your bevstagrams.

  13. There is so much awesomeness happening in this post right now. We have mason jars, but we also have about 40 (no joke) regular drinking glasses that I have way too many of!! You've just given me inspiration to ditch the ones we don't' use (they're in a different set), take the mason jars off the shelves and put them to use! It is almost summer anyways!

  14. love it! gotta get me some cuppows!

  15. I love me some mason jars for keeping my ice water in to drink. :) Thanks for the tip for the sippy lid!

  16. Mason Jars are awesome. I love drinking lemonade from them even though my husband thinks it makes me look like a total hick.

  17. cuppow! wear a helmet to dessert island.

  18. love me my cuppow!! i want them sold everywhere.. and not just for wide mouthed jars, either! ;)

  19. I am from the South, we always drink out of mason jars. Even at
    meals(gasp!). Who needs fancy glasses? I guess people think we
    are hicks, but I prefer to think of us as resourceful.

  20. now i'm thirsty and want pretty cuppowy things.

  21. I *neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed* a cuppow!!!! Or two or threee.......

  22. Wow, super cool invention! Now, if only the big one would fit in the cup holder in our van. Guess, I might have to go for the smaller one and use the bigger one for refills. Love to drink out of glass whenever possible. Thanks for sharing!

  23. So cool...what a great idea! And I am so loving the fact that drinking from mason jars is becoming the new/ hip thing. Growing up and living in the south most of my life--the idea of this just makes me smile. Who needs those fancy-smancy glasses anyway---especially when ya have kids at home. :-)