Again with the dichotomy.
Food dye.  Hate it.  It is horrible.  It stresses me out.  It should not exist.
Fabric dye.  Love it.  It is awesome.  It makes me happy.  It should be part of everyone's lives.

It is surprisingly easy.
Somewhat unpredictable.
Sometimes darker than you think it will be.
Sometimes lighter.
But always rad.
Whatever goes in the dye, always comes out better.
Granny fabulous ecru runner from Goodwill?
All of a sudden bright and happy.
It is destined to a new life as something.  Probably involving cutting it up.  Something of which I haven't figured out yet.  I'm not really a runner girl.  But it will find a new fabulous use for something.  Any ideas?

Dylon is my favorite brand of dye.
Rit is fine.  But the Dylon colors are more vivid and have better staying power.  
You can find it at Joann's or the like....
I sort of follow the directions.  Sort of.   
Mostly I just put salt, dye and hot water in a container, then dip in what I want dyed.
Stir for a bit.
Then I wait.
Wait some more.  Rinse.  Dry on a towel in the backyard.  Until a freak rainstorm.  That was rude.
So everything had to dry in the garage, and I had to wait an entire extra day.  Rude.

The thing is, I really struggle with dumping a perfectly good batch of dye.
I search around the house to find new things to throw in.
Starfish, gift tags, trim, fabric, old clothes... nothing is safe.
Just keep in mind that cotton takes dye the best.   
Poly-cotton blends, not so much.  
Pom pom fringe?
How badly do you want me to say that they are dyeable?
Nope.  Sad face.  I tried.  No worky.

Amy Butler fabric that was already gorgeous to begin with?
Now even better if you ask me.
Doilies that were screaming for some rainbow happiness?
Hello.  I love you.

What do you feel like dyeing today?
Do it!

It's cheaper than therapy.


  1. I am so kicking myself for not buying the super cheap crocheted doilies I saw at a garage sale earlier today! Of course, you would make 'em look awesome... thanks for the idea!

  2. I LOVE the much...and I am not a doilie fan...but these, I love!

  3. copying smartie people like you is my favorite. i have a bunch of those ecru doily guys. and now want more. flea market time.

  4. i love! i just inherited a bunch of my grandma's runners, doilies, etc and this would be the perfect way to update them for our home. i hate just having them in a box in my basement. thanks for the inspiration!

  5. the doily garland is super duper sweet. I love it.
    I am a runner kind of a girl. :) I just bought a whole bunch of vintage doilies to sew together and make a runner. I was going to tea dye them, but now. NOW! I am using color. I love it.


  6. this post is rad :) and the way you are with buckets of dye.... I'm that way with modge podge and glitter. How can I possible let it go to waste?! What else can I glitter? There must be something else that needs a shiny sparkly coat! (My husband's only rules are that I must not glitter his shoes or the baby. :) )

  7. Ok question...
    how do you REMEMBER to seperate the dyed stuff from the rest of the laundry. We don't dye anymore cause the stuff leaks all over everything else in the washer :( Got any hints?

  8. Love love love the bold colors.. They make me so happy. the doilie streamer is adorable for parties and just because.. ha ha.
    Blessings, Gweny

  9. Oh my! Dyeing must be my next adventure! I love the turquoise - it turned out so vivid. I would have gone with Rit, cause it's all I know. I now feel infinitely smarter knowing that I should try Dylon and look like a pro!

  10. If this was facebook I would so hit 'like' : ). Love crafty fun things that work as therapy.

  11. Love this idea and I am sooooo making this doily bunting!!:)
    have a happy day

  12. Wish we lived closer, we can trade food and fabric back and forth. Fabric dye freaks me out... I'm even scared to bleach! Lol

  13. So in love the the rainbow bunting! Everything is better in bright, happy colors! Thanks again for sharing your awesomeness!

  14. You and your rainy day comments... too funny.
    Can't decide which I love more: your darling rainbow doily garland or that golden squirrel peeking out from the starfish on your mantel. Your kind of happy is contagious. ;)

  15. I have the same question as Kathi...
    How do you deal with the colour leakage?
    That is the ONE thing that is holding me back. Because I KNOW I would wreck all my clothes because I didn't separate the washing properly (I know this from experience).

  16. i love the doily and pom pom garland!! super cute!

  17. this makes me SO. HAPPY.

    you are the coolest.

  18. Crowns for the back to school party! Those lace crowns on pinterest have been taunting me! You should make some. :)

  19. I LOVE the rainbow doilies!! Such a great idea!!! I can't believe you died Amy Butler fabric. Brave girl. ;)

  20. I freek'n love that banner. And yes, now I wanna dye something :)

  21. I'm sorry, I was completely distracted by all of your gorgeous HUGE photos of your gorgeous kids in the back grounds of these pics. What were we talking about???

  22. No worky, that gave me a a good laugh ;) love the dyeing, it is nap time, so here I go...

  23. Oh, how I love dying! It has been too long, but it is on the list for this summer, yay!

  24. Love, love, love! I have an "okay" patterned dress that I want dye a bright teal... Do you know that name of the Dylon teal color that you used???