This month was tough for me.
I took A LOT of freedoms with the prompts.

It was a very, very, very, full month.
But looking back at each day I remember a bit of the happy, the sunshine, the color, the people that make me smile.
That is why I like making an effort to take at least a photo everyday.  It's worth it.

(Trying not to FREAK OUT that Picnik is gone and Picmonkey hasn't added the collage feature.  FREAKING OUT that I had to break these into two pictures.  Come on Picmonkey.  Let's get it together.  This girl needs collage!!!!  But to look on the unicorn side, the individual pics are bigger.  So win? I still need me collage.  Or anti-Photoshop anxiety meds.)

I am taking a month off from the structured Photo366 challenge to find my favorites in each day.
It's something that I need to do in this season of little sleep and bare minimums.  Seeking the glass half full in each of my days.
Seeking the faves.  Because there are so many faves in my days.
Looking forward to seeing what that looks like come June.


  1. I love these so much, I know I would never actually keep up with one of these...maybe next year? but I love them! If picmonkey does come out with a collage feature I'd love to know more about how you create them in the program.

  2. has easy to use collages... They have the same ones as picnik and more. I love it.

    Awesome pictures!

  3. I like your challenge...favorites in each day. Little sleep and bare minimums seem to be a constant in my life stage too...I might just join you in this challenge of yours. Maybe I'll find my own unicorns.

  4. photobucket has some new picnik like collages as well :-)

  5. i was in the same predicament the other day! ugh. hopefully Picmonkey will get them soon!

  6. Hi!

    I follow you here on your blog as well as on Pinterest. You have inspired me to start documenting the little everyday moments that make life amazing. I would like to use Instagram to create some of the projects I have seen on your blog and the internet. I have done some research but can't seem to figure out how to move all the photos I have already taken with my iPhone to Instagram without having to load them individually. Do you have any ideas?

    1. I only know how to upload one by one in Instagram. It's sort of the social networking aspect of it. But each upload and filtering goes pretty quick...
      Or, maybe use and app like PicFix or Pixromatic to crop and filter them without having to go through Instagram.
      Have fun!