Grab your headphones.
Click play.

So much of my life is surrounded by music.
As much as I crave quiet, I also crave long aimless drives with just my playlists.

Switchfoot is always on those playlists.
The poetry, imagery, and depth of the lyrics speak to my mind and heart.

I parked in the driveway, in the swagger wagon, alone, listening to music, catching up on emails.  This song was playing as I opened up an email that brought me to tears.  Happy tears.  Ashley had finally received the long awaited word that they were matched with their much loved daughter in China.

Her name...


An answer to prayer, to tears, to hope, to the wait.

One step closer.

One day nearer to seeing her beautiful face in person.

The best thing about Ashley, she is the type of person who's heart not only longs to bring their daughter home, but longs to give back to the orphanage where sweet Song is spending her days.

They are in need of an incubator.  A bit of warmth, comfort, and care for the babies that will need it most.

Would you consider being a part of this gift?

Visit Under the Sycamore and learn more about the project.

See the song filled printables that go along with the project.

Pray for the Campbells.  For Song.  For the wait.


  1. I was just listening to this song, and I saw the title and was like geez I'm listening to a song with that name, only to scroll down and see it again.


  2. love it
    love you
    love your heart
    love your printable
    got one

  3. love this. i was a premie so incubators have a special place in my heart & i'm lucky because i might {LOVE} that print of yours. excited to be a little part of this project. thanks for sharing!! see ya in a couple of weeks!! :) xoxo

  4. Donated and requested your print this morning.
    Love it.
    Thanks for being you & donating with your amazing creativeness!

  5. You know I'm all over this... thanks for shining your light on it! :)

  6. we had an incubator baby! donated, and asked for your print; I have JUST the spot for it! Love it so much!

  7. Love this post so much! Thanks for always using your blog and words for hope and love!