I'm having a sad day.
The kind of day that you know is dumb.  The kind of sad that is not really truly sad.  Just emo.  Emo is lame.

Sad I'm not at Snap.
Sad Picnik is closing today.
Sad our guest room isn't filled with guests.
Sad because Shane is always sad lately.
Sad that since Shane is always sad, I can't catch up on anything.
Sad that I feel like I am doing just the bare minimum of everything.
Sad about the fact that Shane only wants me, yet sad that I'm sad about Shane only wanting me.

Mostly just sad because I'm sad.

So I'm thinking of making toffee crack for dinner.
Crafting my feelings away.

Listening to the a new CD Jason bought me, to cheer me up in my sadness.
I love that he knows just what I need.

So does Leslie who just sent this my way.
You can't be sad watching this.
You just can't.

Nor can you be sad when you think of the amazing outpouring of love shed on The Incubator Project.
I will gladly cry happy, sobbing, tears of gratitude when thinking of the little ones who will be comforted through all of you.

Much better than silly sad tears about dumb Picnik.

Caring for orphans > really anything else I can think of right now.

I have a reason to sing.


  1. i know what you mean... i've been sad today too, mixed with tired... those two do not go well together! just when i was pouting i saw a friend post some photos she took of a sweet boy fighting brain cancer that went home with Jesus last night. feeling like my sad is NBD anymore and that this sweet family is dealing with so much right now.
    yay for the incubator project for being such a success! your print was rad!

  2. ahhh... i love all sons and daughters.
    aren't they amazing?!
    we just saw them in concert a month ago.
    they opened up for chris tomlin and my husband and i just fell in love with their music.
    now it's on constant repeat in our house.
    my fav song... brokenness aside.
    such humbling lyrics... it'll lift your sadness... i promise!

  3. Best news ever, If you have a google+ account you can still use picnik! I just found out from this blog post: http://jennasjourneyblog.blogspot.com/2012/04/using-picnik-in-google.html

  4. Im picnicking right now, hoping to get in as much in the last few hours as possible. I'm sad too!

  5. that instagram video cracked me up. i'm so guilty of several of those things. HAH. anyhoo. when i get sad, i stop being sad and i be AWESOME instead. true story :)

  6. thank you posting this!!! i am having a sad night and just sitting here thinking (and crying) and feeling stupid for why i'm sad. BUT, I turned on the tv and my Anaheim (not LA) Angels are on (which is a big deal since I'm in Montana) and your video made me laugh, so things are looking up ;-) and yes, i have a reason to sing too!

  7. Sad days are the worst. I 100% understand a sad day. When you know you should be happy, because "at least you aren't so and so" or something along those lines ,but no matter what you do you can't "be happy"

  8. I love, love, love that All Sons & Daughters album! It has been on constant rotation for me the past month or so!!!

  9. Oh Julie. I so relate. I am so sorry that you are having a rough go of it. I'll pray for your tonight. And thank you for introducing me to All Songs & Daughters! I think I'm in love!

  10. sad for your sadness. I think I've been having one of those too - except mine's been more like the week, instead of the day. Sick kids. Less sleep. horrific allergies ... Shall I continue to cheer you up? but 2 Corinthians 1:9 always brings me comfort ... "but this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God." loved the song you shared too. and the ig video. it's funny because it's true. praying that the Lord will bring deep-seated joy to your soul.

    ps - and i love, love, loved the song print you made. amazing.

  11. I'm 100 times more sad that your guest isn't filled. Keep filling your mason jars and turn that frown upside down. Love you, friend.

  12. i miss YOU.
    we just discussed how completely gorgeous shane is. :)
    cause he is.
    can you please mail me some toffee crack?

  13. I've been sad lately too. Over anything. And everything. Sad tonight because of American Idol results. How ridiculous is that?? Sorry your sad. Toffee crack sounds delicious. And perfect for dinner.

  14. ugh, i so know the feeling of sad.
    and the bare minimum.
    i totally feel it.
    i'm sorry.

    let's go buy some le creuset.

  15. Hi, I don't think I've commented before. I totally get this. Especially the bare minimum part, and that ...ick feeling that comes with it. And silly old Picnik- now how will we organize blog pics? Argh! All those little things. Sorry you're feeling sad. Did the toffee crack help? =)

  16. picmonkey!!!! Have you tried picmonkey.com??? It's by the same people who did picnic, only it's way better.

  17. ummm, that video is totes awesome. ;)

    so sorry you're sad...mama said there'd be days like these. or weeks. or months incidentally.
    i'm praying for you, friend....i've been fighting hard for joy lately. some days are easier than others.
    wish i could give you a hug and commiserate over coffee.

  18. oh gosh! that video!
    hope you get happy soon little friend...
    xxoo (which really just means a smiling face from me, right?)
    love ya pal

  19. Ugh, I'm silly sad about Picnik too :(

  20. bare minimum. i am there. so hard to feel like a successful "keeper of my home" when i have a clingy baby girl who is obsessed with the mama lady. sorry shane is sad. teeth? i loath teething. it's from the devil. that and back labor. the video however was not. hilarious!! thanks for always keeping it real lady! hope your weekend gets happy.

  21. "Sad about the fact that Shane only wants me, yet sad that I'm sad about Shane only wanting me." This is me. I totally get it.

  22. As mothers...I think we're going to be sad more than when we weren't mothers. We are always worrying and thinking about EVERYTHING.

    You're not a lone.

    Have yourself a bowl of ice cream...no one can be sad while eating ice cream. :)

  23. Sad is good, sad means you feel, sad means you can be happy and that you know the difference, sad is a soul sauna, sad is real and makes the rest of the journey more meaningful.

    Can I now say that i've been instagram-educated? I had no idea, but saw that Mark Z was willing to pay big bucks for something called instagram, is this really what it is all about?

  24. Sorry you are sad. You should plan a trip up to Nor Cal to visit me & the Heathers. Shane is welcome also. Seriously. Come visit us. I miss you and that makes me SAD.

  25. watched the video for the third time and his walking gets funnier and funnier. also i went to sleep with the phrase "if there be victory sing it over me now" in my head. i love it - have heard it on pandora before but never had faces to it. maybe my new favorite.

  26. All Sons and Daughters is all I have been listening to in the car for ages now. My family is tired of it but I can't get enough.

    Sorry you are sad.

  27. I have and 8 year old, 6 year old and 14 month old (who is teething terribly). sometimes I'm sad too...which I know is silly. I have so much to be grateful for but some days are just hard. I think it is ok to be honest and just say those things. Sad is just sad...it is just a feeling. If it is a feeling...it does mean it can and will change. So I think it is ok to be sad and then do something to change that feeling. You are on the right track! Call it what it is ...cry a little and then call on Jesus!

  28. Until you have all your kiddos sleeping straight through the night, and you get regular amounts of time for self care or hobbies without a "little helper", then sadness does for your brain what burping tupperware does for your leftovers. That tearful release keeps you sane. I am sure there is a fancy study on this. The sleep deprivation sadness/tupperware brain study. So there - your sadness is scientifically caused-no guilt allowed. You're welcome.

  29. I read this post yesterday and you were on my heart...so I came to visit again tonight. Praying you are feeling much better today. Sending out some hugs and know that I'd take ya out for coffee and some girl talk if we lived near each other.
    Enjoy your weekend. :)

  30. Dear Julie, I'm sorry that you had such a rough time. It may be better now but all of us moms can definitely relate to "those days"! I want you to be reminded that you and your blog are an inspiration to so many! Lots of love