Happy Easter weekend to you.

Happy spring break to me.
Yesssss please.
 Favorite album right now.  Favorite hymn.  Have you heard the story behind it?  So rich, deep, and powerful.
 Two more days.
 This is how she rolls.
 Origami catnapper strikes again.
 This shampoo & conditioner is rad.  Explaining to my girls what sexy means was not.  So we duct taped over the dumb unnecessary word.  I want us all to healthy hair.  They can keep their sexy.
 I snuck away for a night at Starbucks with a friend.  Yep.  
 Don't you love the costume phase?  Tinkerbell is a fine fabric finder.
 His favorite.  Me + pacifier + blanket + nestled against my left shoulder.  I sort of like it too.
 Tough day.  Papa John's to the rescue. Buffalo Chicken.  For me and me alone.  My family are wimps.
 Lofthouse cookies.  So wrong, they are right.
 When you bring a baby to kindergarten, the baby gets mobbed.
Beyond smitten with my This is Love necklace.
Matchy matchers.  

Want a fun new editing app?
I am currently crushing on PicFx.  It's dreamy.

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  1. origami napper-hilarious! the story behind "it is well" gets me every time.

  2. Thank you for sharing the story behind "It Is Well with My Soul". I had no idea & it gives the words an even more powerful meaning. What amazing faith.

  3. I love your Instagram posts. : ) That necklace is going on my wishlist for Mother's Day. And oh, yes, I will be investigating that buffalo chicken pizza!

  4. Ohhhh your little boy is so cute! I can't wait until mine arrives in September - baby snuggles are the best! That pizza looks fantastic - now I want some :) ~ Andi

  5. Shane is delicious :) my middle son was the king of catnaps!
    love the costume phase too, my little guy is obsessed with his cleats right now he wears them everywhere :) I kinda love it..
    Adding the necklace to my wishlist for mother's day along w/ red Toms. ;)
    oh and totally over the sexy word...annoying to have to explain.

  6. I often find myself asleep in the same origami fashion as Shane. It is actually quite comfy. :)

  7. My oldest son heard the country song You think my tractor is sexy, and asked what it meant. I said it was a bad word and wasn't nice, he replied you mean it's like stupid. Sure thing buddy, I just didn't want to try to explain any more to a seven year old! I am now seeing the word everywhere!
    Love the cat napper photo!

  8. Julie. I am a very faithful follower of your blog. Everything about the creative way you express yourself and the lovely photos of your family just put pep into my step!! You always make me smile. Thank you for your willingness to share your life in such a public forum. I know that Jesus is alive and well in you because I see Him shining through you! And I think you have a fun unique sense of humor. God bless you and your lovely family!!

  9. That origami napper pic brings me great joy.

  10. That little of your is so dang adorbs!