easter at old navy

easter at old navy by joyshope on polyvore.com

So apparently I have A BOY...
Didn't have one last Easter.  Or any Easter before that.

Sort of forgot about that minor fact when I ordered the girls their Easter outfits from Old Navy.
Feeling all proud of myself, I found a maxi dress, romper, and spinny dress all in one place, all on sale, all with free shipping.  All coordinating.  

But then Jeannett, who has had a boy for many an Easter, asked what Shane was wearing.  Oh ya, the boy that now needs an Easter outfit.  I could have just gone to Old Navy and grabbed him the super cute shirt above.  But that would involve the whole going to Old Navy thing.  My Old Navy is not close, and they never seem to have the sizes that I need.  

She suggested a white button down and pairing it with a tie or bow tie that I could make in colors to match the girls.  Brilliant.  For sure I have coordinating fabric in my stash. Even more brilliant?  Target has button downs.  Ten bucks.  Almond milk and a button down were on the list for the next day.

While there however, I saw the dumb gingham hat.  I put the dumb gingham hat on his baby head.  I fell in love with the dumb gingham hat on his cute baby head.

At that point I could have just purchased the hat.  For no reason.  Then gone on my merry way to the dairy section.  
Until my wandering eyes spotted these.
Dang it.
In the cart they went.
Romper and spinny dress.
Detour to the big girl section.  Which is not my favorite.

Found this.

Brain goes into crazy person overdrive.
Back to the little kids section.

Grab this in a 5T.
Grab a white button down.

Operation total Easter outfit overhaul in full effect.

Realize that the maxi dress from Old Navy is a creamy off-white.  Not even close to a bright white.  Creamy white won't do.  A trip to Joann's is now in order.  

A Halley Dress is needed to be made.  Thankfully that pattern sewed up ten times quicker than I thought it would.  I will be making so, so, so many more.  

Lastly, off to search Pinterest.  Find this bow tie tutorial from Prudent Baby.  Chop the gingham shirt to bits.
Pray the catnapper gives me more than 20 minutes to sew.
He does.
He gives me 30.

A few catnaps later the 5T gingham shirt has given it's life to become a bow tie, two headbands and a clip. I am in love.  The kind of love that masks the crazy that one dumb gingham hat created.  The kind of love that makes me want to start a bow tie factory.

The lesson to take away from all this?
As Justme commented yesterday, ALWAYS BUY FOR THE BOY FIRST.

The end.

Easter is going to be CUTE!!!!!!!

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  1. when i do make lemon puppy chow at your house, i'm bringing bow tie man home with me. and i'm happy with the minimal ruffles. well done.

  2. That is so true- unless you have all boys and one girl :) I am sooooooo LOVIN the new outfits- just beyond cuteness!! Somedays I just have to avoid Target all together- it can be too dangerous :) hehe!! But oh so fun!!

  3. That is so funny. I think I do that almost every Easter {well, minus the whole sewing part}. They are gonna look great!

  4. Haha! Love it! Can't wait to see pictures; they will be adorable!! :)

  5. So I take it that your operation spending freeze is over?

  6. If you give a mouse a cookie.....

  7. I am not crafty enough to pull that off. I also get massive tired head thinking of coordinating outfits for six kids, three boys and three girls. So we will not coordinate at Easter. But we are doing family pictures in May and I want us to complement each other without being all matchy. It makes my head hurt.

    I hope we get a pic of all the cuteness on the little people.

  8. Oh my gosh, the fact that you whipped those up in less than 30 minutes, you are too cool for school! Love the outfits!!

  9. amazing!!! soooo adorable!!! WOW.

  10. Wow, talk about the shirt that keeps on giving!! Awesome!! That gives me some ideas! Happy Easter! HE is RISEN!!!

  11. Glad to see I'm not the only one who does stuff like this! I can spend days trying to pull together projects though. I'm impressed how quickly you put everything together

    And the girl section at Target? Hate. My daughters are 5 years apart so matching is a challenge with one in 12 month and another out of the T's and into that junk Tadget tries to pass off as 'girl' sizes. Last time i checked a 7yr old is still a LITTLE girl - sell appropriate clothea for LITTLE GIRLS. (End rant)

  12. ha ha ha. love it. my boy is # 4 and two MORE sisters after him. eeps! He is TRICKY to match!!! I have been waiting a whole year to see how you'd incorporate a boy into the cuteness:)

  13. Julie! I was in Target doing the same thing yesterday ... because I fell in love with the blue pants that go along w/ that gingham hat and shirt! But I didn't see that hat. Then again, my 2 yr old Simon has a ginormous head and it probably wouldn't fit anyway. I based my kids' outfits all around that same blue, but like you I struggle in the girls dept at Target. I was so excited to match Ruby with her new baby sister and I'm running into the same problem like MamaBear (above comment). It's nearly impossible to match a 5 yr old and 3 week old w/o doing some sewing (which I'm not doing yet). And I have to say -- that's GENIUS to buy the gingham shirt and just chop it up for bows/bowties!! I look fwd to seeing your kids in the cute easter clothes.:)

  14. YOU ARE THE BESTEST!!!!! I just love what you did with the shirt! And then running over and "whipping up a quick dress!!!" GENIUS! You are truly blessed! And I am totally encouraged! all these ideas in my head CAN COME TO LIFE! i just need my 2 year old to take a nice loooonnnggggggg nap! Happy Resurrection Sunday!!!!

  15. you are funny.
    ella and janey bear should call each other when they wear their rompers....to they can be match matchers.

  16. Oh my gosh!!! You are totally awesome!

  17. OMG! I love that you can do all that with one 5T shirt! One day, I'll have to get the courage to learn myself!

  18. Good job mama! You've inspired me to run out to the local (superduperawesomelycute) fabric shop for some darling fabric for the darling Halley dress pattern!! I'm smitten. It's all cut out and looks so simple to put together.. can't wait!!

  19. one year i bought an argyle sweater vest for scott at the children's place in easter pastels.
    it sent my husband over the edge.
    the one and only time in our marriage he demanded i return it.
    so maybe a good idea you didn't buy the pink shirt for your man....who knows what kind of reaction you will get.
    i was shocked by my husbands.
    i thought it was adorable.

    you are amazing in your crazy kids clothes brain!

  20. So totally did this for our Christmas clothes this year, much to hubby's perplexed confusion!
    I suffer from this same insanity... try finding something cute for your almost junior high daughter that's appropriate + finding something cute (but not too cutesy) for the boy. There's a pickle!
    I did find a solution that eases the insanity this year though! Try jetlagging and introducing new toddler to the fam on Easter weekend. You won't care if they show up in wonder woman jammies to church. You'll just be glad you're able to function enough to get yourself dressed! Good times.
    Super jealous of your completely adorable ensemble and can't wait to see your completely darling kiddos in them!

  21. wow! you're fancy. :) can't wait to see it all in action. hope you post a pic!

  22. Only creative minds think like that! LOVE the creative whirlwind you were in...I do the same thing! I can't wait to see everyone looking gorgeous!

  23. Thank you!!! I was so excited when I saw your link to the Halley dress!! I have made 2 this weekend!

    Oh, well almost 2.. I was sewing on the bottom ruffle at midnight last night and caught up a big section of the main part of the dress for half of the ruffle. So the back now is much shorter than the front. I seriously dont know how I managed it. But maybe I shouldnt sew tired. Or maybe I shouldnt have picked it up after sewing 14 (yes 14) pink tutu's.
    My job tonight is lots of unpicking.

    But.. I havent sewed clothes in years, and I am so excited to have found easy patterns! Please feel free to post more links to awesome pattern people (I bought 5 from Sew Sweet Patterns).

    Your pics from easter are adorable. You have the cutest family.