My heart beats for water.
I will never stop talking about it until every single person on this beautiful planet has access to it.
Little by little a dent is being made in the global water crisis.
You are a huge part of it.
In fact, Charity:Water just sent photos and the locations of the finished wells funded by the 2009 Project 320 Campaign.
2,240 people now have clean water thanks to you.
Accessible water
Life changing water.

That isn't even counting what the 2010 and 2011 campaigns will be able to fund.
I can hardly even wrap my mind around how rad that is.
Or how thankful I am.
But it never occurred to me that building a well is just the first step.
Just like everything else, wells need maintenance and repairs.
Without qualified mechanics, the wells that brought so much hope and promise to villages in need, are useless.

We can't just fund a well and hope for the best.

The Adventure Project has a goal to raise funds to train mechanics.
Mechanics that will be able to continue to make sure that nearly a million people continue to have access to clean water.

 Join Meg of Whatever as she partners with 
The Adventure Project, to help provide for the future of these wells.

She is even holding an unbelievable giveaway of Craft Weekend swag as an extra treat for donating.
Donate HERE
Enter the giveaway HERE

I love your water loving guts.