I just got back from a very late showing of The Hunger Games (LOVED IT).
My first night away from Shane since he was born.
A very, very, big deal. 
It wouldn't be an event movie without a fight to the death gift exchange, right?
Brilliantly planned by Erin.
I came home with this crafty number from Angry Julie.
So fun.

Irish eyes.

Irish Clone Trooper.
Who didn't get the memo that Clone Troopers don't wield light sabers.
Or wear tutu t-shirts.
Or rainbow leggings.

 Catnapping contortionist.

 Hipster Belle.

Long, leisurely (ha.) lunch with the lovely Wendy and Kristen, and the smallest members of our families.

Kicked out of the church nursery.
Drama without mama.
The kid can work the system.

Putting Shauna under his very powerful spell.

Our weekly adventures at the ice rink.
Hanging out in the penalty box.

Watching this girl grow in skill and bravery.

Until the cold air lulls him to catnap land
I mustache you a question.
How cute are these straws?
Off to celebrate a very special baby tomorrow.

For the record, I love the boy with the bread.

life rearranged


  1. I love those Polaroid-type frames you used. What app did you use for that? 

  2. Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails}March 24, 2012 at 5:19 AM

    I'm telling you what, if you keep letting Shauna hold your handsome little man she'll be making a BIG announcement on her blog! :) I can totally see how he'd mesmerize anyone with those eyes. And his sleeping position? So funny! My back hurts just looking at that photo.

  3. overachiever. seriously. and I love your bread boy, too.

  4. That boy of yours is totally precious. He'll be a heartbreaker for sure.

    Happy Hunger Games! I keep seeing all of the instagrams & it makes me totally jealous. ;)

  5. Seriously jealous that you got to see the Hunger Games on opening night.  Hubby was out of town, so wan't able to sneak out and see it.  Also, while I am sure it is going to be fantastic I wasn't willing to trade the little sleep I do get to see it.  The last time I went to a midnight showing I felt like I had a hangover the next day.  Also good thing that I didn't plan on going because baby girl got some stomach bug and has been throwing up for the last couple of days.  Praying she will be better by morning, so not only so that she will feel better, but so that I don't have to spend the day in the ER.  Love how Shane has his feet curled in such a weird angle. 

  6. Ok, seriously?!  Awesome!  

  7. you and your kiddos are just gorgeous!  
    i love all of your photos.

  8. Irish eyes are smiling.... Love looking at these beautiful babies.  It makes me want another and I already have 4... I don't think its a possibility but seeing this little man I definitely would if I could...

  9. i will hold him any day! seriously. me and my kids adore that boy.....

  10. Oh, I love the boy with the bread too!!!

  11. I'll pack up his stuff and send him your way.

  12. I used the PicFrame app.  Its the triple or double frame, with one or two of the frames left blank.