(How great is this line from U2's Beautiful Day?
I might have sung it fifty billion times as I hid my eyes from things that I didn't need at Target.)

I have happy, happy news Picnik lovers!!!

I got the GREATEST comment on this Picnik-related post.
The greatest.

A handful of ex-Picnik employees have banded together and are working on a new photo editing site called PicMonkey.

Ya.  Hello.
I have a feeling that it will be even better.
But most of all I am hoping for less useless Halloween fonts.

I cannot stinking wait.
You can sign up to be notified when they launch here.
Like them on Facebook here.  Tell them what features you hope to see included or even changed.

Wipe your tears.  Put away your mourning garments.  A new easy editor is coming soon.

Yay yay yay yay!!!!

Take that Google+


  1. i can't freaking wait!!! i knew you always had the good information!!

  2. oooooh, you are the bearer (barer?) of GREAT news. hip hooray!

    liked. and feedbacked.

    collages, lots and lots of collages, lots of customizeable collages, please pretty please!

  3. I heard choirs of angels singing in heaven when I just read this! Hopefully, they will come through on that promise. That would be so awesome. And it would be a nice kick in the butt to those stupid google+ bullies that think they rule the world. (happy dance!)

  4. Oh...it is a beautiful day! I've been "picniking" like crazy since you're last post!

  5. AHHHHH!!!! i have been lamenting picnik's demise & cursing google for the first time ever since that nasty email showed up in my inbox!!!

    SO excited.. maybe i can breath a fricken sigh of relief now!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU ex-picnik-ers for saving those who loved you so!

  6. Awesome!!!! Bring on the sparkles, rainbows and unicorn parade!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh man thanks so much for this! Hooray for monkeys!

  8. Thanks so much for posting this! Hooray hurrah!

  9. You are my hero! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely piece of info!

  10. wonderful news! :) you made my day.

  11. This post-Picnik news just made my day!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. LOVE that you posted this! Thank you, thank you!!

    Also wondered if I could "steal" a print that you made awhile back. I forget what it says right now and I'm too lazy to go back and look, but it's something about comparing yourself to others... or them having it all together... something like that. Heather posted it just the other day. Would you mind if I posted it, too? (with a link to you, of course!) :)

  13. Glory, Hallelujah! I am crying happy tears! Such amazing news!!!!!!!

  14. Oh I hope they hurry. I haven't been able to find anything as simple as Picnik! Thank you for the heads up.

  15. That's the best news I have heard all week! Yay!!! Thanks for sharing this with us Julie :)

  16. That is seriously the best news I have heard today.

  17. this day just became beautiful! going to check it out.

  18. Hi Julie,

    Thanks for the love!

    Thank goodness the monkey didn't make a liar out of me. PicMonkey has
    launched once and for all. Please come share in the excitement and let
    us know what you think. www.PicMonkey.com


  19. Seriously?! I am so happy. You just made my day!