Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our nerdy news family Star Wars style.

So we might have set the alarm for 5am.
Put on some costumes.
Headed to the Discovery Science Center.
Got on the news.

A lot a lot a lot.


I might have been too chicken to put on my costume.
Then spent the morning hiding from the cameras.

Just might have.

But they got me anyway.



  1. Yay! Look at you! Your beautiful hair is so easy to find!

  2. It's only fitting I found these cute felted Star Wars characters on the same day you posted these videos! And of course, anytime I think of Star Wars, I think of your family. I can see why you'll be visiting so often! Here's the etsy site:

  3. What a blast! One of those stories that will last a lifetime. Isn't it awesome that Gods blessings are so personal? To know how much your family loves Star Wars and to bring such a funny "encounter" is truly the work of a God who loves to smile and give smiles!

  4. love ktla morning news! how fun for you guys!!

  5. awesome!! My hubby is a HUGE Star Wars fan.

    LOVE the kiddos costumes!! I'm like you, I wouldn't have dressed up either. :o)

  6. love the costumes! and everyone looks so fresh & happy for it being o'dark thirty!

  7. I will not show my kids this. Awesome. It was fun to see you...even if it was just a blink. And..thanks for the Lego Advent Calendar idea. We are loving it.

  8. wow! 3 segments. fun!

    ummm i am originally from modesto, ca. what? that doesn't mean anything to you. uh, george lucas is from modesto! we're practically related. :-)

  9. You have the prettiest hair! And what's a ro-butt? Did you notice she kept saying that! Strange.

  10. Took the kids to this exhibit when it was in Seattle...LOVED IT!


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