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What is my perfect day?

Sunshine, hoodies, sand, my family, and a picnic.



Made easier by radtastic (why didn't I invent it?) PackIt lunch boxes

The ice packs line the actual pack, so there is more room for food and drinks.

More room for food and drinks, means that I no longer have to haul down our big cooler, and let me tell you, less to carry to the beach is a great, wonderful, save the day, kind of thing.  

Plus, since the ice packs surround the food it stays cold up to ten hours.  Gogurts?  Stayed frozen!  Chicken salad?  Stayed super cold, which is the only way that I will eat it.  

I wanted to cuddle this icy little wonder when we were done.  It is that brilliant.  Brilliantly invented by two moms who wanted an easier way to keep their kids lunches cold.  Moms invent the smartest stuff.

My second favorite feature?  It folds flat and stores easily in my freezer door.  Seriously.  Why didn't I invent it?  Genius.  Genius.  Genius.


 After our picnic, someone crashed out,

and the girls set out to find heart shaped rocks.


Pretty much a perfect, lovely, sunshiny day.


Visit the PackIt website and take advantage of their buy one get one free offer.  Pretty sure they would make a great and practical Christmas gift.  What if you filled it with picnic ready food?  Hello!  That is something I would love to get! 


What would you use your PackIt for?  Have any favorite portable recipes that you'd like to share? Advertisement

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  1. I take my lunch to work almost everyday. I currently use a ThirtyOne lunch tote... I may have to check these out though!

  2. JULIE!

    I only VERY RECENTLY let my kids start watching ANY shows with commercials. And it's just one show - Phineas and Ferb - because I saw it and loved it.

    They advertise this during the show and I have so so so so wanted to buy it. But then I was all...

    * will this be in the "As Seen On TV" store I saw in the Mall of America?

    * Don't get suckered by a cooler!

    THANK YOU. Going to buy them right now.