I am pretty sure that on more than once occasion I said that I would never do one of these.
But I did.
In artsy black & white.  Because everyone is cuter in artsy black & white.
With my new glasses.  Which are not sunglasses, although they look like they are.  That would be weird.
Weirder than me in my new hipster glasses.
Because given the choice between Sarah Palin professional woman glasses or nerdy hipster glasses, I obviously chose the latter.
Back to the vlog...
In which I talk about some stuff.  In my not-sunglasses-glasses.

Visit the Project 320 blog here.


  1. Awesome! Totally giant expect you to sound like that;)and your Shane is delicious:)

  2. How lovely. Project 320 sounds wonderful. Thank you

  3. i just posted my first vlog yesterday too. so i appreciate how much courage it takes to hit "publish".

    i love this project and i'm thinking about doing a little giveaway on my blog. it would be my first giveaway ever, and i only just hit 100 followers, but every $ counts right? even if i'm the only one who donates and enters my giveaway? ;)

    PS cutest baby *ever*. for reals!

  4. Unicorns and sparkles??!?! You crack me up!!! Seriously, Shane is ADORABLE! Hope you're enjoying the Christmas season, even in the midst oh craziness.

  5. First, you are super funny. And, I love the eating of the sugar cookies and I do love to bake, but the Star Wars ones? Ugh...been there done that. Shane is super cute and yay for Project 320! :)

  6. OMG I love you! Totally understand the crazy...but I am guessing your house is twice as crazy as you have twice as many kiddos! Dont know how you do it, and you do it so beautifully! :)

  7. Your too cute! It's always fun to see a video of the person behind the blog.I love Shane's precious face staring at the computer the whole time too.

  8. You are soooo pretty. I work in ortho and can ijust say...you have great teeth:) and your son is darling! I could just eat him up!

  9. oh, and i almost forgot...I am in!

  10. So fun Julie! Your baby boy is such a sweetie. Hope you and Jason and the brood are well. Blessings! Ps...as I watched your blog my son was saying hi to you...thought he was skype. :)

  11. you are so cute. and that baby of yours- ohhh my goodness. presssssh.

  12. Oh how I wish we lived closer. I just adore you Julie. Love those glasses on you.
    Im off to check out 320. Have a lovely weekend.

  13. You're totally adorable as is Shane, the master of the VLOG-ness.

  14. Just seeing you and hearing your voice made life a little sweeter today.

    Dig on the glasses.
    Mr. Shane-man is growing.
    Tell him to cut that out.

  15. Love it! Your gorgeous, Shane is adorable, I didn't expect you to sound the way you do but I think that's true of anybody. I look forward to project 320. YAY!

  16. i MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hate blogs for that reason because it makes me MISS my friends. Hearing your voice makes it hard not to see you.
    can't wait for project 320.
    i am SURE this is the year i will win.
    ha....jk i t's not about that at all.
    unless it's an iPad.....

    now i need to blog so YOU can miss me.
    yes....i am overly confident that you might miss me.
    but i can hope.

    your glasses are nerdsville.
    i like.

  17. by the way.....
    i typed Vlog both times in my previous comment but my super smart auto correct changed it for me.
    gee thanks.
    i don't hate blogs. i "hate" Vlogs. but really i actually LOVE Vlogs.but joke that i hate them because california is much too far away from kansas.

    so what i am trying to say.....
    nice Vlog.

  18. Two things, one Shane may be the cutest boy baby I've ever seen and two I was thinking throughout the whole vlog how much I liked your voice and did not expect it to sound like that and loved how at the end you said this is what my voice sounds like.

  19. i didn't hear anything you said, i was too busy checking out the handsome dude.

  20. Julie,
    I love you.
    I miss you.
    I can't wait till Monday!
    Project 320.
    You and Shane look as adorable as ever in your vlog
    including your nerdy glasses.

    Happy Holidays friend. I hope to see you soon!

  21. in!!
    love the vlog; great answer to the newborn/typing thing; i'm one handing it right now. ain't easy!!
    have a great weekend!

  22. ridiculous.
    absolutely ridiculous.

  23. Well you're adorable. You should do this vlog thing more often. And that little baby Shane - the cutest!

    Oh yeah and Project 320, that's pretty awesome!

  24. well, i like this turn of events, yes i do. love your voice...so sweet! :) and shane...oh mercy, babies are the. best. thing. ever.

  25. very cute glasses and very cute baby. :)
    unicorns and sparkles and rainbows,

  26. you are looking HOTTT mama!
    and i can hear shane asking about me at the end. you can tell him i'm doing good. and that i miss him. and that i love seeing his cute eyes now that he is much more alert than when i would snuggle him late at night.

    that makes it sound like i have been sneaking into your house and doing that late at night. totally not.

    just fond memories of blog sugar weekend. that's all.
    i promise. ;)

  27. Unicorns and Sparkles! You rock!! Love your blog and now the vlog!

  28. O.M.GeezLouise... That Shane is just TOO CUTE!!!

    Unicorns and sparkles?? LOVE IT! haha

    totally going to check out project 320..

    and yes, just keeping repeating to yourself: "making memories" and it will help.. for a second.. ;o)

    have a great weekend!

  29. Julie, I love the vlog and your glasses and Shane in the vlog! Love! Are you sure you want to do the chicken for next week's party? You do way too much already. I can do the chicken too. I'll throw it in the crock pot and take it with me in the morning. No big deal. Let me know!

  30. you're killing me! too cute. you. the rad glasses. the baby i kinda wanna steal. you did great for your first vlog!

  31. oooh, i think i really, really love those glasses. and the baby and you. you are just a dollface, julie!

  32. Your voice sounds exactly what I thought it would sound like!

    And I'm soooo with you on the sugar cookies thing- I made 31 gingerbread men for the kids in my class, and man... by the tenth one, I was so over it! But the end result is usually worth it. And like you said, so are the memories!

  33. Seriously. Cutest glasses ever. And i am SO in.

  34. I just love you! It was fun to hear you talking. Off to check out Project 320

  35. so somehow i missed this post... but how cute are you?!? and sweet baby shane. i could eat him up! so excited about the Project 320 well! thanks for having such a big heart & putting it out there for the rest of us to be a part of. you're pretty great. even if you do love star wars ;)

  36. Ohhh, MY goodness! Forgive me for being almost a month late on commenting on this, but I was about 1,000 posts behind in Google Reader.. Ugh! LOVED your vlog.. I think you should do it more often. You are the cutest. :) And so is Shane.