I'm the girl who can be cry laughing about Handmade Ryan Gosling one second, and crying about the world's problems the next.

I'm the girl who wants to just sit quietly and pin pretty things on Pinterest one second, until I come across a pin like this one, and wants to turn everything we are doing upside down.

I'm the girl who has a pity party about ridiculous rich people problems one second, and wants to get rid of everything I own the next.

I'm the girl who is a people pleaser who loves happy things, sparkles and unicorns.
But I have had my heart shattered.  Opened up to much more than my beautiful, abundantly blessed, lovely life.
A heart that can't ignore.  Can't pretend.  Can't just sit at her Apple computer, drinking clean water, in her Starbuck's cold cup, while her much longed for children sleep safely upstairs.

I want more than this world has to offer.

I want to make a dent in the world's water crisis.

I want to use my words for good.
I want to use my blog for a purpose.

I want to see all of us fund another well.

I want to see a community changed.  Given a chance at life.

It's not much.
But it is everything.

Everything that we cannot even begin to imagine.
Because imagining it is too scary.  There are no sparkles and unicorns in unsafe water.

Donate now.
Every penny of every single dollar you donate goes directly into the field.
Every penny of every single dollar has the ability to save a life.

If Ryan Gosling could give you a hug I bet he would.
I would too.  But he is much hotter.

Change the world.  With me.  With Fake Ryan Gosling.

Unicorns and sparkles.

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So much goodness out there for water!
Check them out here.}


  1. You have such a beautiful heart, I too want these things , and struggle with such things. Thankyou for making a difference for living big and bold I hope one day I have the honor of meeting such an incredible woman.

  2. What a great reminder! You have such a kind heart.