So Jeannett and I wanted to be all stealth and ninja like when we asked you to link up your Happy Day recap posts.  But we are just too excited to not tell you why!  You see, when some of our amazing talented friends heard about what we were planning they wanted in.  Not just in, but IN!!!  They wanted to share happiness just like you shared happiness.
I love that!
I love them!
So whether you completed one task, or all seven, please share.  We love to read and celebrate the little bits of sunshine scattered all over the world.

One of you super sunshiney linkers will get all of this rainbow happiness.
Winner will be drawn on Saturday November 26th.

Doing good is always worth it.  Always.
1.  $25 shop credit at Rags to Stitches.  2.  You Are My Sunshine print by Blossom and Vine.  3.  ABC Sampler print by Little Bit Funky.  4.  Camera painting in color of your choice by Paint Me a Picture.  5.  Print of your choice from Songs Kate Sang.  6.  White Rose Earrings by Ragamuffin Beauties.  7.  Pearls and Knots Necklace in Houndstooth by Ragamuffin Beauties.  8.  Peach Mum Earrings by Ragamuffin Beauties.  9.  Chevron table runner by Knitty Bitties.    10.  Brick Red Rosette Earrings by Ragamuffin Beauties.  

Thanks darling friends.
Sparkles and unicorns all around.


  1. Unfortunately, I didn't participate with a new baby and all but I did bookmark everything to use next year. My husband and I are taking over the children's ministry at our church and I thought these opportunities would be great for the kids to do each week in November! Thanks!!

  2. ooops!
    i am so sorry i linked up my post a few days ago not realizing it was for recap! :)

  3. Hmm, I probably should try harder at this blogging thing. Cool prizes!!