This girl.
This joyful, delightful, charming, little girl.

Each and every day she wakes up with a smile.
With a request for a pretty dress.
Preferably this yellow pretty dress.

Here entire life is one big happy day.

But sometime in the future, that will change.
Sadly, inevitably change.

I don't want it to.  I want her whole life to be filled with opportunities to give, to serve, to help, to see those who need a smile, a treat, an encouraging word.

That is what I loved most about the Happy Day Project.
Taking time out of what was a CRAZY TOWN week, to think of others first.  To work together as a family to spread sunshine.

To notice ways that we can help.  Share.  Give.  Love.

Thank you for taking this journey.  Thank you for taking time to love those who needed love.  Thank you for taking the challenge and then making the week more than we could ever had imagined.

I don't want this to just be one week.  I want this to be something that we continue to do.  That we come back to.  In fun and surprising ways.  Are you with me?

Share your stories, your tears, your experiences spreading sunshine.
Whether you did one day or all seven.  I have a feeling that your heart was changed in some way.
Let's celebrate and encourage each other together.


  1. This week I went recycling. I thought about your post and grabbed a bunch of my kids trickortreat candy and went out the door. I always encounter the homeless at the center. As I passed out the candy they were so thankful. I passed one of the women on the way out and she was sharing her candy with another homeless friend. It was powerful to my heart to see her selfless giving out of what she had. A small little token of happiness.

  2. waiting for around christmas/new year to get the kids in on this with me. i'm skerred about how it will rock me {and hopefully them}. can't wait!

  3. One day, and I didn't even get to blog about it! I am encouraged though, and plan to continue on the path of spreading the happiness-thank you!

  4. yes!! keepin' it going here, too!
    praise jesus for you and jeannett organizing your vision into actions. such a blessing.
    love you.

  5. Yeah-Changed Forever. The projects we did (I did do all 7and I did blog about all 7!) affected me- my husband is a little trepidated. It was a good thing to follow this fairly impulsive decision; God was faithful EVERY SINGLE DAY!
    Thanks for spurring us on towards LOVE and good deeds!

  6. I loved the idea and have bee wanting to do something for a while, so made up a pack and gave to a man i see everyweek who washes windows on cars. He was so thrilled to recieve it and went away with the biggest smile! made my week too