Saturday, November 26, 2011

Insta-Friday. Thanksgiving break edition.

It's been a..
 Beach playing,

 wedding attending,

morning news starring, 

 Thanksgiving hosting,

turkey sleeping, 

 outdoor decorating crew feeding,

little hands busy making, 

addictive series reading, 

sign making,



  1. love that huge table with everyone sitting together! we need one of those for our family.
    cute turkey sleeping!
    and i think im going to read the hunger games soon... after i finish my current book, and then my book club book. and then maybe the girl with the dragon tattoo, since its going to be a movie next month. my list is never ending!

  2. WOW, your table is huge Julie! I wish we could fit that many at ours at one time.
    Question: is there a way to order a sign from you? Id really like one.

  3. I am knee-deep in the first Hunger Games book, too. DUDE.

  4. Wow, that is an impressive table, and I thought the one for my family (seats 15) was huge! Also, that turkey feather onsie has been pinned to make for next year. Hilarious.

  5. I LURVE The Hunger Games series! You are so right, it is seriously addicting-can't wait for the movie in the spring!

  6. Ok so like others I just love your big table. My mother-in-law really needs one of those. And oh my gosh don't you just LOVE Hunger Games! I love it so much. I'm planning to start reading them for the 3rd time. Love them that much!

  7. love that you can play at the beach. someday, someday, I dream of living less than 3 hours away from the sight of ocean waves :)

    And the Star Wars costumes? Sooooo cute. Are we going to get to see video of this all-star appearance or what? Very fun!

    ps - love the coloring :) :)

    pps - I finally did an InstaFriday. Late. Naturally.

  8. The hunger games series is awesome!! If you like that I will give you a list of other amazing YA books!

    I am a librarian now after being a crafty momma!! I love the YA books and there are some amazing ones!!! Lauren Oliver, Ally Condie, Jay Asher ... The list goes on! They make my job son easy .

    Love little mans turkey onesie .

    Mary Elizabeth

  9. i heard the hunger games was excellent - i will have to pick that up - your turkey sleeping is way too cute! love your big thanksgiving table!

  10. I can't get over the awesomeness of the wedding pic of James and Sam...during the ceremony! That was so funny. What a beautiful day. Cute little turkey you have there, by the way!


  11. Looks like a fun weekend!! The huger games is so amazing.. i read the whole series in less than a week!

  12. How wonderful you were able to spend Thanksgving with some many people. You are blessed.

  13. That has got to be the best onesie ever! See you Tuesday.

  14. i cannot take it with your little turkey, too.stinkin'. cute.

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  16. Hunger Games!!! SOOO good!!! :)
    xoxox Holly

  17. i'm so glad you blog, julie.
    this is such a happy place.

  18. LOVED the hunger games series - can't wait for the movie to come out!

  19. love your little turkey! and LOVE the Hunger Games series - such great books!! Hoping the movie does them justice!! :)

  20. Love the baby turkey! Looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for my favorite yours. ;)


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