How was day one?
I loved that my Instagram feed was filled with people making treats and spreading sunshine.
It is a beautiful thing to be a part of, my heart is so full and happy.  Keep the sunshine stories coming!

Are you ready for today's challenge?
Pencils sharpened?
Do you go to ye olde mercantile to pick up ink for your quill pen?
Because today focuses on spreading sunshine through words.  Words written the old fashioned way with your hand.
Crazy right?

This one isn't easy for me.
I can sit and type all the live long day, but I am a colossal failure when it comes to writing out a simple card.  I don't know why...  Perhaps here I can ramble, let words randomly fall out of my brain, but to craft a meaningful paragraph to thank or encourage?
Super hard.

During a creative writing class in college we were required to write a note to someone each and every day of the semester.  I bought a huge stack of postcards and worked from A to Z in my address book.  Some days it was hard, but it is the most memorable project of my college career.  I'm sad that I have become so far removed from that simple habit.  I treasure handwritten notes that come my way.  I have a dedicated bin that I tuck them into.  I love to go back and re-read the words that have been shared with me.  I want to write again.  Tangible words.

Could there be a more perfect way to send written sunshine than with these adorable note cards beautifully created by Emily from Hope Ink?
{Click here to download your own set.}
Pennants are my love language.  Pennants that my girls can color in, even better.  We all agreed who our cards would be sent to, and gathered up our bucket of markers and got to work.
It was a great time talking about the recipient and how much they mean to our family.  It was great to sit down and just write.  Not type, not text, but really, write.  Writing with a bit of coloring, that is...

As we addressed our cards, we chatted a little bit about Wren.  She is a wife and mama to two boys and an itty bitty girl, who is fighting the fight of her life against stage four cancer.  We don't know her, but we are praying for her and her family.  Praying that she will be healed.  Praying that she continues to keep strong and keep fighting.  What do you write to someone battling cancer?  I have no idea.  Not a one.  But that is not going to stop me from trying.  It is not going to stop me from tucking a Target gift card in to a little note and send it off to Texas, in hopes that it shines a bit of sunshine to a deep and dark valley.

Will you do the same?  Send love to the Horn's.  Pray for the Horn's.  Beg for healing in Wren's body. Send a gift card to help with daily expenses.  Follow updates on their journey HERE.

Send your notes of hope and encouragement here:

Harris Creek Baptist Church
c/o Wren Horn
401 Stageline Drive
Mc Gregor, TX 76657

{Next up: Giftcard to homeless.}

happy day


  1. Your soul is made of sunshine and sugar, and your heart is made of pure, shining gold. I adore this project so very much. Love you, friend.

  2. praying for that precious family and that sweet little girl. thank you you for being such an encouragement to me. :)

  3. Thank you thank you....the tears are freely flowing down my face as my soul fills! Card with love and GC in the mail to this sweet family....

  4. Thanks for reminding us that we can always share our smiles and our hearts!

  5. I just discovered your blog a couple of days ago, and I love this Happy Day project.

    I knew Wren years ago, when she wasn't much older than my daughter is now. Thank you for encouraging me to reach out to that family now, after all these years.

  6. oh mercy, my heart hurts for wren and her family. i am praying. so precious of you to bless them and bring sunshine to them. loving this happy day project.

  7. This is an awesome project. :) Hoping to bring lots of happiness to people in the coming days with the Happy Day Project! Praying for Wren's family and all the wonderful charities you guys have chosen.

  8. Love this project,
    love your heart.
    You girls are LIVING examples
    of James 2:17.
    Faith + action!

    And I'm so glad to be
    introduced to Wren's story.
    I'm praying.


  9. Joining in! Been thinking too of faith= action....

    "You only truly believe that which activates you!"

    And you've been activated girl!! ;)

    Love the print-offs...think I'm framing for a bedroom, thanks!!

  10. Thank you so much! This has been a great project to get me blogging again after a long hiatus. God is also working on my heart...who would have thought? :)

  11. So great, Julie. I love this! Can't wait to see you next week and talk about all this GOODness!

    Kristina Gulino
    Something 2 Write About

  12. As Wren's husband i want to thank you so much for all of the cards! One of the other pastors told me that i needed to go check my box because it was overflowing with mail. I cant wait to go home tonight and sit on the bed and watch her open them. This has been a difficult journey but one that God and others have walked through with us. Once again thank you so much!