Saturday, October 29, 2011

Things that are rad.

Happy Saturday.
My favorite day of the week, perfect for sharing some things that are rad.  Random and rad in no particular order with no particular theme.  Just stuff I like.

I signed up for this class at Homegrown Hospitality.  I need to just make something.  Just to make it.  Something new and different and with an unfamiliar technique.  I can't wait!

The kids are LOVING watching Wild Kratts.  I'm pretty strict with tv, and the combination of animals and science, plus not making me crazy, means it passes my test.  I can't believe how much they learn each episode.

My girls have tangly curly hair with really wimpy scalps.  I bought them each a Knot Genie and there are less tears each morning (if there were no tears it would really be a genie).

Speaking of tears, I made two new meals last week and only one family member cried.  That is for sure a new record.  I highly recommend Crockpot BBQ Chicken (I shredded it and put it on rolls, then used the leftovers the next day for BBQ chicken pizza), and Taco Cornbread Casserole.

More with the tears... Did you see Footloose?
Kid you not, when they were cleaning up the cotton mill and hoisted up the mason jar chandelier I started crying.  Like tears burst out of my eyes.  To which Jason looked over in confusion and mockery and exclaimed "YOU ARE CRYING OVER MASON JARS????????"
Yes, darling.  I am crying over mason jars.  Because that, is the most beautiful chandelier that just happened to be hidden and covered in dirt and dust, in a cotton mill that I ever did see.

I'm reading Kisses From Katie and it is ruining me.  But in the best way.  She inspires me.  She amazes me.

Did you catch my little Jedi's hat last week?
Crystal from Little Bit Funky sent it his way.  It is so awesome.
As I write I am snacking on one of her Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel Bars.  Hello!!!
I made them for Jason's tailgate today, but I sort of want to keep them all to myself.

Last weekend's boutique was amazing.  It was so fun seeing friends come out to help bring Evie home, as well as meet new ones (hi Summer and Crystal).  I have another one coming up around the corner.  Love to see you there.

Parks and Recreation.  Funniest show on television.  There.  I said it.

Hello happy.  Jeannett and I are working on something exciting.  Can't stinking wait for the launch on November 5th.

With that I am off to try my hand at making a baby Peter Pan costume.  Wish me luck!

Happy Saturday.


  1. Our boys love Wild Kratts too. Best show!

  2. can't wait to find out about the happy day project!

    kisses from katie.....i have to prepare myself to read her blog...because i always end up bawling, snotting, & rocking back and forth...that's hard stuff. but man, i am so challenged by her. she is amazing.

  3. My 13 yo daughter is reading kisses from katie right now. We got to meet her at a book signing a few weeks ago. She is truly and amazing young woman

  4. LOVE Parks and Rec....the episode when Tammy 1 came back and they got drunk off the homemade stuff and Leslie was in her office later with the little baby doll thingy? "What *is* that????" :D

  5. Creature power!!
    Heads up...Zobomafoo - a show on Sprout - was the Kratt brothers first show, animals and Henson-esque puppets. Also cute, not too annoying and informative :)

  6. Thanks for making me smile, yet again.

  7. I can't wait to see what the Happy Day Project is!

  8. I ran out and bought Kisses From Katie after seeing Love mention it on her blog - such an amazing young lady!

    Have you watched "Modern Family" at all? That show cracks me up all the time...

  9. Evan's favorite show is Wild Kratts! I will have to tell him to talk to Lucy about it. He could watch it for hours every day if I would let him. Those Kratt bros are pretty educational!

  10. The Kratt brothers are amazing! Good luck on the Peter Pan costume.

  11. so fun, loved all those randoms! :) and your little guy is SO stinking cute in that little hat! blessings!!

  12. Oh my does Shane look like you! We love Wild Kratts too! Can't wait until my daughter wants to be Word Girl for Halloween though! Without a doubt, Parks and Rec is the best show on television. Hilarious!

  13. I am a mommy to one sweet girl, who has the tangliest (yep, it's a technical term) hair ever! Complaining to my hair stylist sister this summer and asking her what she does for her girl's hair, she asked me what shampoo and conditioner I used on her hair. Kids shampoo plus a spray leave in conditioner. She had me switch her to adult shampoo and conditioner. She said nothing fancy, just whatever you can buy at the store. She said that kids conditioners are too weak and that is causing all my problems. I bought suave shampoo (cause it is super cheap) and pantene conditioner (cause it makes her hair super silky). All the after bath drama is gone. Don't know what you're using on your girls hair, but maybe that'll help. Good luck!!

  14. the mason jars chandelier in footloose was awesome. the movie was surprisingly good {minus the raunchy dancing}.

    raising hope will take down parks and recreation any day.

  15. Parks and Recreation seriously may be the best show in the history of tv. I haven't seen the new Footloose yet, but I'm kind of dying to. My mom, sister-in-law and I saw the old Footloose in the theater last week (those weirdos had never seen it!) and now we all need to see the new one!


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