Messy crafts are not my favorite.  Fifty billion daily school papers are not my favorite.
This is my attempt to overcome my issues.  They got messy.  I got organized.  Baby steps.

What a week.  What a week.
Confession.  We have lived here two years this week.  Two years.  Crazy.  Even crazier that our garage was filled with boxes that we had yet to unpack.  So with the help of family and friends, we went from candidates for Hoarders to this.  It was hard.  Really hard.  Tough decisions.  A huge trip to the dump.  But honestly, if it hasn't been needed in two years, is it really needed?
Plus I am parking in the garage for the first time in my life.  Love it.
Now on to my closet...
Garage sale tomorrow.  Adios stuff.  The clean and organized after makes the pain of the before so worth it.

All the cleaning made this date night all the more needed.
Slater's 50/50 lived up to the hype.  Exceeded it even.
Vampire dip?  Artichoke dip with maybe 1,000 cloves of garlic.  It was so stinky and so worth it.  It alone would have been worth the drive.  
But then came the burger.  The weird sounding Peanut Butter and Jellousy.  What crazy person thought... I'll take a bun, a patty, two pieces of bacon and top it with creamy peanut butter and strawberry jelly?  An genius crazy person.  Because it was probably the best burger I have ever tasted in my life. 

Notice anything missing on this guy?
Lucy found him.  We caught him.  He ditched his tail in the process.
It wiggled all detached for more than five minutes.
I cannot unsee that.
I wish I could.

1.  Can I say how much I love my dress up, fancy, loving girls?
2.  Our student leadership team sent us on a date after church.  They took our kids home, fed them, put them down for naps, then detailed our cars, cleaned our house and cooked us dinner.  We came home to happy kids, a meal in the oven, and a sparkling clean house and cars.  They left this note on our chalkboard.  I love our church.  Such a blessing.
3.  Fun craft from our mom's group.  Googly eyes are just so googly.
4.  My ode to the siren who makes pumpkin scones.

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  1. I grabbed that Erin Condren deal and scored a year round notebook! Thanks for posting about it earlier this week!!!

    there are days where I just would love to pull one of those huge dumpster into my yard and just clear out the garage and the "junk" room. :o)

    have a great weekend!

  2. vampire dip?
    i love eating 3948634 cloves of garlic. sign me up.

    and pb and jellosy? um, yeah. it sounds so awful. and so good at the same time.

    i think if i dont get a chance to try this 50/50 place out i may go 51/50!

  3. there are so many things i wish i could unsee.

    and i can't wait for my erin condren notebook! i keep hoping if i bribe the mail man with something, anything he can bring it to me faster.

    have you tried letting the girls do water colors in the bathtub? then the mess cleans up while you clean them too! best of both worlds. you can contain the mess and feel like a messy fun mom at the same time!

  4. We're following a similar path. We hit two years in our house in June. So, in September, we said enough was enough and cleared the garage. So liberating. Still can't find the left shoe to my favorite wedges though. I was certain it was in the abyss of the garage. I had 3 sick kids this week and a husband out of town. I got a text one day that said, "check your porch". I found a bag of Trader Joe goodies, smoothie mix, a starbucks, and pumpkin bread. Church families rock!

  5. Fun week, and I can't think of a better gift than what your church did for you... BLESSINGS! My E.C. planner comes today, as in I am trying hard not to sit on the porch and stalk the mailman... I am staying calm and patiently waiting...

  6. that lizard gave me the chills.
    your garage looks awesome.
    wow, just wow about your student leadership team. i love people who choose to serve with joy. what a blessing. have a great weekend!

  7. really? peanut butter and jellousy on a burger?? really. i don't think i could do it.
    i did go look at their menu. i gained 5lbs just looking. YUMMY!

    i love organization and your student leadership team. i think both need to come to bass lake. now.

  8. Oh my gosh, where do you live?!?! I live in Hawaii and geckos (as they're called here) are everywhere. I'm terrified of them. My husband included in his vows to protect me from geckos. Must have been a joke because he often watches them run across the wall without even trying to catch them.:) eeeek.

  9. Umm,helllloooooo... Where do you live? I too am in the OC and I SOOOOO want to go to your garage sale. A garage sale at your house would be like candy and love and rainbows all rolled into one. Pleeeeeeaase tell me. Please? :)

  10. what a fantastic leadership team!
    garage sale?! even more fantastic :)

  11. I love your baby steps to getting messy! I'm definitely a messy mom although sometimes it does cause a little anxiety. :)

  12. i love your student leadership team. also, i'm peanut butter and jealous of your garage.

  13. you crack me up, girl! all that food talk has made me hungry and i love love love the sweet sentiments from your church. what a blessing!
    mary :)

    ps i wish i could 'unsee' it! hahahahaha!

  14. Vampire dip sounds crazy good! PB & J burger....not so much. But {obvees} I still lobe you. Fancy girls make my heart happy!

  15. My husband Jon worked at a pizza parlor during summers in high school. Their specialty is peanut butter pizza. A layer of peanut butter on the crust, under the pizza sauce, then pepperoni on top.

    BEST PIZZA EVER. It is like thai food, warm melted peanut butter on cheesy salty pizza.

  16. what a great week. thrilled to hear about your church and the blessings they give.

  17. Right now my favorite burger is topped with blue cheese.

  18. Sounds like an amazing week:) I really enjoy your blog! And I have a feeling I would really enjoy that resteraunt....If I am ever in CA, I'm plannin' on swinging by for that burger.

  19. I love your new clean space!! It feels so good to get rid of "stuff", and I can imagine with kids, how much more you can acquire. I love how you said, "If it was unused for 2 years, was it really needed?" Eric and I are huge fans of living simple, as hard as it is sometimes! Great encouraging post, Julie! Can't wait for our lunchie :0) So much to catch up on.

    Kristina Gulino
    Something 2 Write About

  20. amazing what your team did for you guys! What a blessing you must truly be to them to go the extra mile like that.