Friday, August 12, 2011


Happy Friday!
I hope you had a great week.
Our little family is still settling in.
Here are some highlights from our adventures.
1.  I like him. 2.  Every single day. 3.  Scrawny bigfoot.
4.  Strawberries + Nutella= BFF. 5. Fruit bandit.  6.  Sun Golds from my dad's garden.  Candy.
7.  Big quilty plans.  8.  Eating more feelings.  9.  Big girls went camping.
10.  Hello National S'mores Day.  11.  First sunset.  12.  My babies.

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  1. My son sleeps with that monkey blanket every.single.night. I hope your little man loves it as much as mine does (he will be 2 in 4 weeks) who would have thought he loved a swaddle blanket so much...He even stood at the dryer this afternoon and watched it until it was dry ;)

  2. babies and fresh fruit!

  3. What a lovely look at your life. The strawberries and homegrown tomatoes make my mouth water. yum.

  4. that pic of you and him makes me melt!! so precious!

  5. Holy cuteness! I am dying at Shane in the beanie. So cute!

  6. great photos again!

    i missed national s'more day. i think i can only make up for it by eating a s'more every day until the next national s'more day.

  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely! So colorful. And congrats on your new member in the fam! So sweet. Wishing you sweet dreams and hopefully some sleep these next few months!

  8. hey there....Kristen forwarded your ? to me from her blog about my outfit (she did my maternity pics a few weeks ago)

    Orange drape cardigan, striped tank (both non-maternity items) and denim capris all from Old Navy. Turquoise sandals from Target. Necklace from Tilly's. :)

    Thanks for thinking I looked cute!!!

  9. Juuuuuuuuuuuuuulie-

    Did you get my package yet?


  10. Sweet pictures! Glad you got yourself in there. You look great! :)

  11. I lovey love that hat! And um, is that recipe for eating more feelings on your blog somewhere? :)

  12. That little guy of yours is so sweet! :)

  13. miss you julie :) I bet Shane is adorable in person! Check out my blog at someday. Miss you.


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