What happens when I lay around for too long?
I think of things to make.  Or things that I want.  
Which leads me to Craigslist.
Usually my very specific ideas take months and months to find at the right price.
I am an impatient person, but I am freakishly patient when it comes to Craigslist.
I looked every day for five months to find a specific dresser for the big girls' room.
I was nearly to the point that of being convinced that kind of dresser did not exist.
But it did.  It just took time to show itself, and now finally it houses all of their clothes beautifully. 
For the perfect price.

I fell in love with this chair from Urban Outfitters forever ago.
The price isn't too bad, but I wanted a bigger chair, a cozier chair, a chair that a little one or two or three or four could snuggle and read a book with me in.

A chair more like this one, but a bit wider and in the lovely turquoise of the first chair.
I thought it would take months to find.
I'm picky and I'm cheap.  
Plus I don't want to drive too far to look at what could be a creepy, stinky chair, at a murderers house.

How long did it take?
One day.
In a neighboring town.
For 1/3 of the maximum price I was willing to pay.

But it's not that simple.
The chair is in great shape.
It is the perfect size.
Beyond perfect price.
The problem?
Wrong, color. Wrong fabric. 

So what do I do?
Buy a bunch of this fabric.

Throw this promising guide into my Paypal cart.
Because I'm lazy and I'm a girl, so it must be perfect for me.
I'm scared, but I am going to put my big girl skirt on and try, try, cry, try.

If all else fails, I might rope my mom into rescuing me (ready Mom?).
But if it goes well I will be reading, snuggling, and taking Shane's monthly pics in my brand new (to me) chair.

We will see...


  1. i had the chair, fabric, and lazy girl's guide for 8 months before i got the courage to try and it wasn't that bad!! the guide is awesome. you can totally do it :)

  2. I'm excited to see what you work up. I searched CL a few times a day for a couple of weeks before scoring the perfect dresser (cheap) for my youngest girl's room. I was very pregnant and my husband had just had an appendectomy but somehow we got it home. A coat of paint and some hardware and it's the best $60 piece of furniture we own!
    P.S. Do you use Craigs Easy? You can search CL by the posted photo. http://craigseasy.com/ It's fantastic!

  3. oh, you'll do fabulously!! i just know it! i used the lazy girls guide to making slipcovers to make a slip for my couch (and loveseat). you can see it here:


    good luck! i can't wait to see how it turns out. i just brought home a free wingback chair that needs a slip too!

  4. I notoriously don't like slipcovers...however I also notoriously don't like our (free) couches right now...so I'm so intrigued! I'm going to have to marinade on this idea for a bit to get up the courage too!

  5. You can do it :) then blog about it and let us know how it goes, I have two chairs that seriously need some love

  6. oooh good luck... impatiently waiting for the finished product ;)

  7. I say go for it! I have almost no crafty expertise, so I would butcher it. But you? Like Einstein of crafts. Do it!

  8. i sewed a slipcover once with no directions. just the wrap, pin and flip it inside out method. you can do it. can't wait to see!

  9. Go for it! I finally used the lazy girls slipcover guide after putting it off for months and am really happy with it. You can do it! (just make sure you have lots of pins)

  10. I have NO doubt that it will turn out amazing! Can't wait to see the final result!

  11. I have now gone to the urban outfitters site and fell in love with chairs... thanks.. a lot... :) good luck on the slipcover! you can do it!!

  12. For reals.... you are amazing. Newborn, multiple children, furniture shopping and recovering. Studly. Can't wait to see and hear about the results. :)

  13. i think this video is very appropriate. watch it over and over. i cant wait to see shane's pics in your newly covered chair!!!!!


  14. i'm all about slipcovers. kids. washable. love! and yours is going to be so great when your done putting your touch on it.

  15. alright!! i've used that fabric in another color for a project and it is wonderful - plus it washes well {not really necessary for a chair, but tide to go worked well for spot treatment}.

  16. Good luck!

    And best line . . . "Plus I don't want to drive too far to look at what could be a creepy, stinky chair, at a murderers house."


  17. Good luck! I can't wait to see how it comes along.

  18. you're not even going to give us a peek of the before?????

  19. So many crazy things to get on Craigslist, could be on there for ages.
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