How are you?
How was your week?
Here's a recap of what has been going on in this hood via Instagram.

 My parents gave me a Kindle to keep me company in the hospital.  While there I was too sick to read, but since coming home it has been a great companion.  I am finally reading The Help.  The Kitchen House and Molokai are up next.  Love it.

My last meal before the c-section?  Red Robin obviously.  Those fries.  The salt.  The ranch.  Sigh.  So so so delicious.  The best part?  Jason and I split his free birthday burger.  Talk about sticking it to the man.

I am so glad that I have swimmy swimmers who are basically living in the water.  

Lots of swimming equals lots of sleeping at night.  Win win for all.

 Summer means a huge tomato harvest from my suburban farmer dad.
All of the benefit of a garden with none of the work.

My campout each and every day.  Baby boy in my arms, junk on tv, Kindle, trying really hard to stay put and not to go crazy.

 Love friends that swoop in to save the day,

and surprise me with an early pumpkin scone.

Blog friends are real friends.
Sweet Jessica sent us dinner.
This little world is smaller and nicer with people like her.

Aloha.  Can someone make her stop growing?  Each and everything that she owns is too short.  I have never had that problem a day in my life.  Pretty sure she will be taller than me by fourth grade.  Crazy.

 Looks like I might have a cute little lefty in the house.

 Rainbow butterfly matching happiness.

I finally finshed the tent.
Who wouldn't want a cozy reading spot in 100º weather?
(Me.  I'll be inside with the blasting a/c.)

Please tell me that I am not the only drama queen after having a baby...
I am smack in the middle of that crying for no reason, crazy, hormonal, exhausted, overwhelmed stage.
The stage that can best be cured by eating my feelings.

Specifically eating my feelings to the tune of what I would like to call
Make it.
Eat it.
Then burst into tears again.

But he's worth it.
So worth it.
(Cue waterworks.)

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  1. Glad you are home again. I've never had a c-section and my youngest is 16, so my memory of those first rough weeks is faded! I'm glad you are getting help from friends and family. I like to read and have thought about getting a Kindle or something similar. That little guy is adorable!

  2. I love this post, mostly because I love insta-friday posts but this ended so cute, your little guy is so so so cute! you must be very happy, I had that feeling of reading the last page of a book with a happy ending and you just have a big smile on the face.

  3. I love your insta-Fridays! They bring me such joy. And your new little man is SO handsome!!!

  4. He is so cute and definitely worth it! Enjoy your Kindle-and The Help- I read it recently-good book!

  5. he is such a cutie!!

    by the way, posting that dessert was just mean. i clicked the link and drooled and thought, "yum yum nom nom nom", only to realise that i can't buy half the ingredients here!

    nevermind. i will just look at the pictures :)and my pants will thank you for that.

  6. ps i just finished reading The Help on my kindle as well. I enjoyed the book. I love my kindle too, but there is something to be said for holding a 'real' book in my hands ..

  7. The Help was great!! I just finished it and enjoyed it throughly, can't wait to see the movie. And no, you are not the only crazy one. I have very clear memories of crying uncontrollably for NO REASON!! and one part of my brain thinking "I have gone nuts"

  8. looks like you're having a awesome week! and oh that sweet little end with the best picture yet! am in the middle of listening to the help - started it on a road trip - so fun listening bc you get to hear those beautiful southern accents. such a good book.

    soak in this beautiful weather...fall is just around the corner and next summer you'll have a 4th little swimmer in the pool with you.

  9. Perfection straight from Heaven. Loved reading your fun. Because Starbucks -- serious fun. And the pumpkin scones? I didn't know they were out again. I'm in trouble!

    Enjoy the Help. I loved it and I so hope they stick close to the book for the movie.

    I hope your Sunday is full of joy,

  10. your insta-fridays are so entertaining.

    post baby blues are the worst. thankfully you know that is exactly what it is.

    chocolate toffee crack on crack, oh my! hopefully it kicks in and works it's crack magic.

    i need your blog friends to be my blog friends, maybe they could solve the what's for dinner tonight problem.

  11. Thanks for the linky, Jules. You didn't have to do that. You might break my blog. ummm and that toffee crack double brick of delicious death. Do Something Good Everyday? NOT good. NOT nice.

    Sorry you are sad. Mat's album is probably not helping. I'm a heaping mess of saltwater on a few of the songs and I'm 4 years post-partum. Freaking Rochester? KILLS. ME.

  12. Immediately after reading this I raided the kitchen for something sweet and salty. A hand full of chocolate chips in a kids pink plastic Ikea bowl went into the microwave(plastic vs mirco-I know) and 4 crushed up pathetic am I...but it DID hit the spot.

  13. Hang in there - You will be up and out before you know it! I would love to know where you got the striped leggings with the ruffles!

  14. I love this, Julie. I am checking in with you after a LONG LONG time and I am so excited about Shane! I know you love your girls but it is so so so fun to have a boy finally! Congrats on that little cutie. I am amazed that you are blogging this week. I blogged the most with only one kid and by three I was peace out. Good for you. Beautiful pics.

  15. We had family visit from back east and they had never had ranch with their fries! Can you imagine!? Obviously they're officially hooked now :)
    All 3 of my girlies have capris that used to be long pants just a few months ago. Something about the summer sun makes them grow faster I think. And all 3 of mine will be taller than me. Not that it's hard to do...
    Shane is so precious!! Glad you're getting some time to soak him in while you recover :)

  16. Your toffee crack looks delicious! However, be careful I just had a baby too and have seemed to have eaten myself into an extra 8 pounds. Ugh! How nice to have such great friends that bring you Starbucks and Send Pizza. Your one luck girl! Hope you like the Help. I love it! The tent is adorable!

  17. Your toffee crack looks delicious! However, be careful I just had a baby too and have seemed to have eaten myself into an extra 8 pounds. Ugh! How nice to have such great friends that bring you Starbucks and Send Pizza. Your one luck girl! Hope you like the Help. I love it! The tent is adorable!

  18. I love your insta fridays, I started following you on instagram and its always a shot of cuteness! My name is Noodaliee on there if you ever wonder who noodaliee is :)

  19. He could not be any sweeter!! Sorry about the crazy hormones though. No fun at all. But at least it's a good excuse to eat. :)

  20. Hey, you and me both! I just had Baby #3 8 weeks ago, and I'm still drama. The hormones are crazy--try to get as much sleep as possible. Right there with you...every week gets a little bit better though. And yes, they are sooo worth it!

  21. Those shoes from Target are my favorites. I bought them for my daughter in 2 sizes, just in case her feet grow before sandal weather ends! :)

  22. Mine are 11 and 8... I am still a drama queen. Rock on drama tears of the world. Eat, smile, cry, love and be merry!

  23. You have no idea how you brighten my day. Your posts ARE my crack. I'm going to try this toffee crack on crack because I'm pretty sure I screwed toffee crack last Christmas. Thanks for continuing to post even though so much is going on. And I am totally. Making. The tent.

  24. OK. I TOTALLY meant to say screwed "up" the toffee crack last Christmas, but that's what I get for such a poor choice of words.

    On a totally different note, thanks also for the verse last week. I am praying for my joy and holding onto hope.

  25. You're so not alone in the drama queen department! The first night at home, no one brought us dinner and my very capable husband took us to the grocery store to pick up a rotisserie chicken. I stayed in the car and bawled my eyes out while calling my sister about it. She panicked and drove over with more food. It's hilarious now, but it was tragic then!

  26. So I know I don't really know you. But just reading that you are going through the cry for no reason thing too. Made me cry. everyone said the fourth baby would be easy. I think they lied lol.

  27. Oh yes, totally worth it! I hope you're recovery continues well!

  28. Loved this post - mostly because I am right there with you. My youngest (2nd c-section) is 6 weeks tomorrow and I am a mess, not just because she likes to gorge herself and then spit it up. My oldest is 21 months and suddenly nothing fits her and it hits me that I have to buy fall clothes for her. We're in GA, so it's still HOT, with humidity that will curl board-straight hair, and NO POOL. I've pretty much eaten everything in the house and hubby and I are too tired to go to the grocery store.

    But - yes - it's so worth it! Hubs took Big Sis to church and she said "I wuv oo" for the first time on the way out the door, melt my heart. I'm presently camped out on the couch with a cluster-feeding, growth-spurting baby and Netflix on the TV.

    PS, Yesterday was the anniversary of my first miscarriage and the day made me even more thankful for the time I have with these babies.

  29. Noooooo, you're not the only drama queen! My little guy is 3 1/2 week old. I think I cried more than not for the first week- and those sweats! It gets waaaaay better, friend. I think I only cry once every other day now. ;-)
    God's richest blessings to you and your family.

  30. Such a sweet, wonderful time, and yet so utterly (or is it udderly at this point?) exhausting! 4 c-sections, with the last 2 being 22 months apart, many lovely hours of nursing on the couch, being so tired that you can hardly move..... Ah- good times! Last baby is 4 years old now, and I think I will have my mojo back very soon. My pre-children figure, however, will never return! I am totally impressed that you finished your tent at this point in your life. That counts as a major accomplishment. You rock! Have a great day nuzzling that sweet baby neck. They don't smell THAT way forever, you know!

  31. seriously you are a riot! so funny! glad to hear you're recovery well. toffee crack on crack...sounds good to me i might need to make that!

  32. isn't the kindle your favorite?!!? :)

    i mean, besides your sweet little ones of course!

    i spent the last four days hooked on mine.

    the help is SO good. and i have read molokai too - LOVED THAT :)

    i am so excited you have a lefty. ;)
    we're the best kind, you know.

    and yes, he is to die for.

    sidenote: my sister was flipping through my instagram pics and said "who is THAT cute baby?!" - it was your little man. :) He really is adorable.

  33. Oh I hear ya girl! I had a c-section 10 weeks ago from tomorrow. Take it from me...IT. GETS. BETTER.

    I don't know about you but my planned c-section (the most recent) had a much quicker healing time than my emergency c-section 4 years ago.

    He's a cutie pa-tootie for sure!!!

  34. My husband is praying for a cute lefty. I'm praying it's not my daughter because I have no idea how to teach a lefty to sew or crochet :)

  35. you don't know me and i don't know you but i did find your blog and you are singing my tune! i have a 7 (almost 8) year old, 5 year old and a 6 month old. i cleary remember those first 3 months...and they are hard! but have hope...each month gets easier. ( which you know because you have other children) sleep when you can, eat yummy food to make you happy and enjoy the quiet moments with all your kids. God's blessings are amazing.

  36. I just had to say that I LOVE those rainbow butterfly sandles too! In fact, my daughter is wearing them right now and I will be so sad next year when she can't! Love your blog... it is inspiring to me for oh so many reasons right now...

  37. My Katie is just a few days younger than Shane and I totally have the crying/eating thing going on over here too. I think I'll put on as much weight in her first 6 weeks as I did in my entire pregnancy if this keeps up.