My days are spent on the couch, taking care of a cute little guy and trying not to go crazy.
I am not good at sitting still.  Especially when I am beginning to feel sort of human again.
Sure doesn't help that there is NOTHING on tv during summer.

But I know that as soon as I get up and try to tackle a project, I will pay for it greatly.
So I sit.
Good thing that I have a little friend to keep me company.

Need a laugh?
Paul F. Tompkins is your guy.
We fought Carmageddon to see him and this bit about new dads never disappoints.
I posted it when Janey was born and it seems equally applicable today.

Best line?

Why are so many people trying to assassinate your baby?

Paul F. Tompkins - New Dads
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  1. oh my goodness...he is so funny! And, what do you mean there is no TV on? Hello...The Bachelor Pad starts next Monday! Although, it won't be as fun watching it without you & timing Heather's contractions....good times!

  2. Hilarious clip.
    You're right. There is nothing on TV.
    I know this because I am addicted to Celebrity Rehab this summer. Oh Dr. are so wise.
    And I am pulling for Adler to clean once and for all.
    I told you I was addicted.

  3. two words: netflix streaming. you need it if you're stuck on the couch! Just ask my laundry, it's addicting. You can stream it to your tv through a wii. It's divine. Cute babe too btw! ;)

  4. Hi.larious. Laughing so hard. I needed that...

  5. Bwahaha @ "They're not monsters, they are just premature." Hahaha Hilarious! Especially if you have had a premie!

    Since you are bored with what on tv, you need to watch The Lake on Hulu! It is so cheesy that it is hilarious and awesome!

  6. I wish I lived close to I could bring your Toffee Crack and watch Friday Night Lights dvds with you!

    Glad you're feeling human again...Shane is adorable!

  7. A) Thanks Julie - I totally needed that laugh! :)

    B) I dig his onesie! Where did you find it??? Boy clothes are insanely hard to come by!!

    C) Is he wearing his Chucks yet?

    D) The answer to TV is Netflix, my dear. :) Star Trek the Next Generation on Instant View. And the Cosby Show.

  8. So, so, so, happy for you. congrats on baby Shane. He is gorgeous!!

  9. oh i'm crying. "kissing all the other babies. the preemies so it's not weird." freaking hilarious. AND i just watched mat on leno. #BESTmorningEVERRRR

  10. ididn't realize how grumpy i was till i watched your clip and laughed for the first time in days.
    now i know what i need......comedy.
    MUST make that happen today.
    somehow i will be helps.

    that baby is too cute.
    and he is a rockstar.

  11. Too funny! Thanks for sharing that clip!

    Glad you and Shane are doing well and taking it slow and easy. It might be difficult to ease back into regular life now, but you'll appreciate it later.

  12. I love newborn scrawny legs :)
    You're right....almost nothing on all summer. I'm thankful for So You Think You Can Dance (and tivo so I can fast forward through the annoying comments) :)

  13. I know you are super busy at the moment but wondering where i can get one of those nifty vintage flashcards? Im due in a few short weeks ( i envy that you are in recovery) and would love the great photo op.


  14. Do you still live at the same address where I sent the DMB cd's? If so....keep your eyes peeled:)

    If not...well....dang it!


  15. So cute! I was the same way after having our second. All I can say is- Netflix.

  16. congrats on the babe! He's beautiful! and although i know it's hard to sit still, relish these moments. as you know, it passes so quickly!