When you get asked to participate in something so fun as What would YOU make?  hosted by Lil Blue Boo, you don't say no.
You just don't.
You get a little scared.  A little intimidated.  Then you dig through your brain to come up with a project worthy of the gorgeous fabric that landed on your doorstep.

I hope that this little project quailfies.  It sure makes me happy, but most importantly, it makes my girlies happy.

We are on the go a lot.
A lot a lot a lot.

The girls color a lot.
A lot a lot a lot.

We have been using cookie sheets as little lap desks in the car forever.  Useful?  Yes.  Cute?  Not so much.  Plus the pens and crayons fly off and fall under the seats.  All the time.  If I have to mediate another THE PINK MARKER FELL BETWEEN THE SEATS MOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! meltdown, I just might have a meltdown of my own.

So what is one to do with cute fabric, spray paint, glue and some magnets?
Change car art forever.

Here is what you will need my friends:
A large-ish cookie sheet.  Big enough to fit a full size piece of paper or coloring book.
Spray primer (not pictured but MANDATORY.)
Spray paint.
Magnet discs.
A can.
Strong glue.
Mod Podge.
Foam paintbrush.

First you need to prime your cookie sheet.
I didn't.  Dumb mistake.  Usually I have great luck with just a coat of spray paint, but the nonstick nature of the cookie sheet had other plans.  If you are a little OCD and like your projects to be durable do NOT SKIP THIS STEP.  I on the other hand am impatient and ADD and am just chocking the chippy paint to the shabby chic vibe.

After the primer is dry, paint the edges and bottom of the cookie sheet with your happy color spray paint.
I am a huge fan of Rustoleum Ultra Cover.  It is by far the best spray paint out there.
Trust me.  I've tried them all.
Let dry.

While the cookie sheet dries, get working on the can caddy.
It will be the saver of your sanity and the keeper of the pens, crayons and pencils.

If your little one is more of a crayon user, look for a shorter wider can, as opposed to a soup sized can.  Perhaps a nut can, which have the added benefit of an attached lid.

Remove the label.  Measure the can and cut a piece of fabric accordingly.
Brush a thin layer of Mod Podge on the can and smooth the fabric around it.
When dry, brush another smooth layer on top of the fabric.
Set aside to dry.

I decided to make the can magnetic, instead of gluing it permanently down, so multiple sheets could stack together compactly.

Take four magnets and glue each one to the bottom of the can.
Let dry.

By now the cookie sheet should be dry.  Measure the interior and cut a piece of fabric accordingly.
Brush a thin layer of Mod Podge on the cookie sheet.  Smooth fabric over it.
When dry brush another layer of Mod Podge on top of the fabric, as well as over the painted areas of the cookie sheet.  It will dry clear and be an extra layer of protection from coloring accidents and crazy children.

Pair it with a coloring book, cute journal, or if you are the sewing type (or would like to become the sewing type) stitch up a matching personalized composition book cover.
They are really, really easy.  Pinky swear.

Then throw in a rainbow set of sparkly new markers that thankfully won't fall under the seats.  Yay on all levels!

This happy set would make a very special and affordable gift for the young ones in your life.
Plus I have a feeling that their parents would love your forever for it.
Road trips have never been easier, when my girls are armed with a fresh composition book and new markers.
They have even been utilized on hurried morning drives school to finish up last minute homework assignments.  I mean, other people do that....

 DVD player?  Who needs one?

Thank you so much Ashley and Lisa for asking me to participate.  It was so much fun!
Visit Lil Blue Boo to see the other amazing projects and for a chance to win two yards of this gorgeous fabric!

What would you make?


  1. Amazing. What a great idea. I think this would make the perfect christmas gift! What a great use of a cookie sheet a can and some magnets.

  2. This is really cute...wish I had thought of something like this when my kids were younger. I think it could be a a fun idea for a turning a cookie sheet into a decorative tray as well...may have to give that one a try :)

  3. Love it! Now I have an idea of what to make for some Christmas presents. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is such a great idea! I can't wait to do stuff like this when my little guy is old enough :)

  5. Great idea Julie! I am going to do this for one of our son's Christmas presents! I just got some fabric to make an indoor teepee and am hoping that I have some scraps from that project left over. Love the pretty pink cookie sheet. Never would have thought of painting a cookie sheet, but very functional. Thanks for your great post for WWYM!

  6. WOW! I will make one of these for niece! that is just too cool..

  7. LOVE this idea. Think I'm going to vary it and make homemade magnets for my little one to use since we're not into crayons yet. But then we'll be ready to roll once she discovers the joy of coloring.

    Only "complaint", I have no business starting something like this, I leave for vacation in 3 days!!! But the baby's awake and we're going to the store to buy a few supplies. Ahem... I'm telling my husband it's your fault. :-)

  8. excuse me where was this when we took our two week road trip a month ago?? :) okay so I am still going to make these - thinking that they will be useful for entertaining the littles while I homeschool the daughter. thanks for a super cute and easy-to-follow tutorial!

  9. Love it, so cute. My boys would go crazy over those. Wondered if you could get a can with a lid and use those short chubby markers so you could put the lid on them and then they wouldn't fall out when you are done coloring. Hmmm. Just a thought. Thanks for sharing the step by step - I'm going to have to try these.

  10. amaaaaazing! Christmas present for my niece, for sure! I love a cheap, easy, and incredibly cute project!!

  11. I am going to make a MILLION of these. What a great project and so easy! Thank you for sharing!

  12. love it ! thanks for the idea and the great colorful pictures !

  13. OH WOW thanks for this! My kids would love this. We use the magnetic doodle pads on road trips but this will be so much more fun. I might have to grab some stuff to make this today!

  14. awesome. good job on solving all our car problems. well, not all of them (unless there is a potty seat attached somehow.)

  15. What a great idea! Such a fun project.

  16. love this. & i just this minute wrote down "Rustoleum ultra cover spray paint" on my shopping list. i have a feeling i'll end up painting everything in sight. not to mention that I am super excited about your composition book tutorial. you make it look so easy. as usual. :)

  17. this is such a brilliant idea!
    you are sososo smart. -xo

  18. This is so awesome. I will definitely be saving this idea for when my little man is bigger. Your kiddos have an awesome momma!

  19. Very clever, my kids would love. I also love this as a great on-a-budget-but-creative gift for birthday party.

  20. Go ON with your crafty self!
    I love it.


  21. Genius. I think my favorite part of this project is the "rims" on the cookie sheet. Makes it so much harder for markers to pull a Geronimo. I deem this "adult-worthy" and not just for kiddos!

  22. oh julie!!!!!!!
    LOVE it.
    you are a genius.
    i can see annie working away already......

  23. That is such a great and cute idea! I don't sew but I think everything else looks easy enough. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Awesome, ran out to my garage and the dollar tree to get supplies. Made two of these today. Was going to tag you in it, but I don't know if you have a Flickr account? If you do let me know. Link below is the link to the image of the two of them on my flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/12784349@N08/6056685473/in/photostream

  25. http://www.flickr.com/photos/12784349@N08/6056685473/in/photostream

    Sorry full link did not go on last post.

  26. you. are. a. genius. GENIUS. i love this. 100% made for my girls. well not made yet. but will be made. hold me accountable on this one. spray paint makes me nervous.

  27. love this. you are so creative. hop you guys are doing well :)

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  29. I have a question about the Rustoleum 2X paint - each time I have purchased a NEW can to do a project withm I have shaken and sprayed and it comes out almost like a gritty sandpaper finish. SOOOO frustrating. It isnt smooth and shiny. What am I doing wrong??

  30. I went to 3 dollar stores today looking for cookie sheets. No luck!! I ended up with $7 ones which isn't awful, but I'm making 3! Haha! On the fabric covering the cookie sheet...did you turn under the edges first, so it wouldn't fray or will the mode lodge stop it from fraying? And did you do anything to the inside of the can? Just want to make sure it will be ok for little 3 yr old hands ;)

  31. This is completely fabulous! I can't wait until my son finishes the eat-markers-and-crayons phase (he's 21 months) so I can make him one!

  32. plastic frosting containers would work great too for the crayons. plus, the kind of frosting that comes with confetti has a clear lid!

  33. Wow! Great Idea! Thank you - I am defenitely making this very soon :)

  34. Such a neat idea.i think i am making two trays for my boy and my girl.. i might just put the crayons in a baggies,my kids are little and i am afraid they will keep dropping it.