How was your Fourth of July?
Ours was simple.
Patriotic breakfast.
Lots of swimming.
Then more swimming.
 Matchy matchers.
 Vintage sparklers.
(All fireworks are illegal where we live.  Even snakes. Boo.)
 Little lawbreakers.
Sparkly happiness/ scaredness.
BBQ.  Apple pie.  Ice cream.
Dear friends.
Topped off by the accidental surprise that we could see four
different community firework displays from our front yard.
Kid in pajamas, no crowds.  Fireworks all around.
That is my kind of Fourth.


  1. We were able to view fireworks yesterday thanks to neighbors who put on their own display.

    I remember when fireworks were banned here too. We would still set them off at our cousin's farm. It was exciting to see if the sheriff would show up or not! :o)

    I think I could have that breakfast anytime! :o)

  2. yummmm. i loooove 3/4 of that waffle. :)

    looks SO GOOD. and so fun. :)

    and i would happily be one of your daughters to rock that super cute outfit.

    lovely day!

  3. Simple is the BEST!!! Great pictures...Happy Summer!!

    Take Care...Kristin

  4. Those waffles looks AMAZING--there is seriously nothing better than waffles loaded with fresh fruit! Looks like you had a great 4th--laid back holidays are definitely the best!

  5. I love those pictures, and we had a great fourth as well. So hot, yet relaxing and fun!

  6. wackadoo creepachino here. LOVE waffles with fruit. jealous of your personal and illegal show. we were at a party with 10,000 of our closet friends. and a lame budget cut show. would have much preferred your party. but only if you made me a h&m anchor dress to match, size 22. thanks.

  7. Sounds like a lovely 4th. We were able to watch fireworks from our front porch too...we may have found a new tradition. Now I want some apple pie.

  8. Looks like fun. Were you in Fresno area? I only ask because that first picture looks just like a barn that is in Fresno on the 41.
    Your family is adorable.

  9. It looks like you had a fantastic day celebrating! That waffle is awesome:)

  10. I live not to far from that barn! We sell at the Farmers Market at Bass Lake-Pines Village...would have love to have met you. Your blog was the first one that I followed and got me hooked on all these wonder people!