Last week Leslie and I hosted a Love for Anika craft night.

Is there a better way to spend an evening than with sweet friends, unbelievable food, crafty crafts, all for a purpose?
Our friends can bring it!  The baking !  The cooking!  Are you kidding?
When guys get together they bring a bag of chips.
When girls get together it is a wonderland of deliciousness.
Not just yummy, but adorable.  
Cupcakes in a jar + Drew + her new sunny flower = happiness.
Erin's Meyer lemon cheesecake in mason jars just might be my new boyfriend.
Mique drove one billion miles through holiday traffic to join us.   Love her.  
The fave craft of the night were the leather cuffs that Leslie taught us.  She even brought her own Thor hammer.  It was legit!

Through the laughter, eating, more eating, then some more eating, with a side of crafty thrown in, we made silly memories, new friends and raised lots of money to help Anika come home.

If I could have one of these nights every week I would be one happy girl.

Thank you sweet friends for helping Anika come one step closer to her family and for filling my house with so much love.

(Thanks Angry Julie for being our photographer for the evening!  I am so bad at taking pictures while being a hostess!  You saved the day.)


  1. dude, those leather cuffs look awesome!!! what a great idea...

  2. Leslie is amazing! So glad to see you girls teamed up for this great cause. Wish I had been there.

  3. Things I learned from this craft party:

    1) Bring your own glue gun and scissors to craft parties if you don't want to feel like a loser.
    2) Craft girls know how to party. I didn't get home until well after midnight.
    3) For non-crafty people (aka Drew) look pathetic and Julie will do all your crafts for you.

    Can we please do this again??? Like, tomorrow. I had so much fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones! Thanks for hosting, Julie!

  4. oh, tears.


    thank you, thank you for doing this! anika's mom & dad are with her for a few days right now & i LOVE how so many people all over the country have been loving her, praying for her & helping her get home. thank you.



  5. thanks for initiating with this party. it was great! also i am in possession of newly acquired flea market belts. the thor hammer is getting ready...

  6. love it! so wish i could have ditched the iguanas and joined you guys.

  7. My girlfriends and I do this once a month (only we're just doing it for fun, not to raise money). We rotate houses and have dessert and wine while we finish craft projects or teach each other how to do new crafts. It is so, so, so much fun!

  8. If you really loved me, you would not share this chubbawubba picture of me with the world.
    Nonetheless- I big fat puffy heart love you. And your gigantic heart full of compassion and kindness- always looking for ways to do good.
    Otherwise you know I wouldn't have driven the 5 bazillion miles in traffic.
    Can't wait to play again. xoxo, M

  9. 1) Love needs to MOVE!
    2) Apparently my boyfriend is cheating.
    3) I love you & your heart even more than cheesecake in a jar!

    i had so much fun!! Let's do it again soon!

  10. I am local, would love to come support your compassionate work! And craft! How do I get an invite?

  11. It was soo much fun...even if I outsourced my crafts to Erin.

    I took pictures though!