Hope you had a wonderful week.
Here is a peek inside ours via Instagram.

Saturday morning breakfast is my fave.
Even if the cute little Pillsbury dough boy is the cinnamon roll maker.
Someday I will attempt Pioneer Woman's...

Every backyard pool has a two story pirate ship, right?
No?  Only in the OC.

A little trip to Lowes, a few pieces of lumber,

turned into a silly backyard camp out.

I see our summer plans involving quite a bit of tent time.
Making it was super easy with this Cakies tutorial.
A-frame happiness.

Mondays at the beach.
Never gets old.

I heart iMovie.
I heart Apple video tutorials.
The voice over guy makes me think that I can do anything.

I swing wildly between being a total control freak as to what my girls wear, or letting their inner Punky Brewster fly.  Elmo?  Favorite shirt.  Rainbow pettiskirt?  Favorite item of clothing.  Put them together and she was the queen of Target.

Two times a week I get to visit my home away from home,
and hear the best sound... a tiny baby heartbeat.
These little reassurances get me through each week.

What do you do when you have a sweet daughter who is allergic to chocolate?
Run by the grocery store to get her a little cupcake with her favorite color frosting, to eat at a birthday party which will be serving chocolate cake.
The best 99¢ a mama can spend.
Chocolate allergy?  It's a cruel, cruel world.

Ten pounds of sun grown delicious.
It lasted only two days.
We are a bunch of fruit monsters in this house.
These days, the way to my heart involves copious amounts of ripe, fresh fruit.

Link up your little bits of random over at Life Rearranged.
Happy weekend to you!


  1. I want your life!!!

    I remember seeing a pic of that pirate ship in a house in Coto that Kobe Bryant was thinking about buying a few years ago. SO awesome that you actually got to visit!


  2. loving the elmo tutu combo.
    girl is a fashion inspiration!

  3. your little girl is a fashionista for sure. and I saw this about that cute little pillsbury dough boy: if he can make it taste so good why would I bother w/the competition? (have you ever tried the orange rolls?!) life. changing.

  4. I have a chocolate allergy too! It was definitely difficult growing up, espeically when my sister chomped away on oreos in front of me. Parents were usually very kind to me and had an alternative, often a glazed doughnut!

  5. as a child, chocolate allergy is torture! unfair i say! as an adult, my butt may just be a few sizes smaller if anaphalyxis was the immediate reward for ingesting it. at any rate. you are a good mama! my heart always goes out to mamas & babies with such crazy allergies! as always love your insta-fridays :)

  6. Glad you got to hear that heartbeat. It is definitely the sweetest sound a mom can hear, especially after having the complete life changing experience of expecting to hear it and being told your little one's heart is no longer beating. Still praying for peace on a very healthy baby for you!

  7. LOVE Hallie's dress, and Janey's skirt! Such stylish gilies!!

  8. As a former labor and delivery nurse, I love those little accelerations on your monitor strip! Such a happy-hearted tiny man in there!

  9. i too swing between being a control freak and letting my girls wear whatever... i' use to JUST be a total control freak, so when i see the outrageous outfits i laugh, and think 'i've come along way.'

    yeah for baby's heartbeat! oh that is the most WONDERFUL sound.

  10. oh we totally have a pirate ship in our backyard. you don't? and i LOVE that sweet little heartbeat! i had stress tests with ashlyn and i kind of liked them. i drank grape juice. and watched the today show. like a little mini-vacay every tuesday morning. praying for you, friend!

  11. Chocolate allergy?!?! poor girl!! My son has a BEEF allergy...I have said that the ONLY thing stupider than a beef allergy is a chocolate one!!!

  12. It looks like you all had a great week, and how fun that you had a little outdoor camping experience in your yard:)

  13. Oh how I love these snippets in your week:) The Target fashion statement-that would totally be my 5 yr old. She wants to be as gussied up as possible no matter where she goes.(I kind of love it since my older one wants to be comfortable and in shorts & a T all the time).
    And allergic to chocolate? Ive honestly never heard of anyone having an allergy to it before. I think I would die if it were me. I wouldnt be able to stay away...

  14. years and years and years ago, sean owned a christmas lighting company, and we did lights on that amazing house with the pirate ship in the pool!

  15. Ooo! Cinnamon rolls...my pregnant self is now drooling.

    There is an easy Paula Deen recipe for cinnamon rolls.

    Take crescent rolls (the kind in the tube) and roll them out as one big rectangle of dough. (She says it's better for the unperforated, but it is hard to find). Melt some butter and spread it on the rectangle of dough. Next sprinkle a brown sugar/ cinnamon mixture all over the dough. Next you roll it into one big log and cut your little sections. Cook it in the oven at what ever temperature the crescent package says.

    **There is an easy way to make icing, but I can't remember. You could probably look it up. It just involves powdered sugar.

    ***Also...I've made this with cream cheese in the middle and they are delicious!!!