How was your week?
Here is a little Instagram peek into ours.

Once upon a time I was naive and thought that once you were given a Amish Friendship Bread starter, you just poured it in a loaf pan and baked it.
Which is sort of true.  Except you have to add one billion ingredients to it first.  In a non metal bowl, which also means that you have to stir it.  With your arms.  Not your Kitchenaid.  Being Amish is tough, yo.  Delicious, but tough.

I am a bowling disaster.  But I am an awesome bowling spectator/ cheerleader.

Sun tea.  Giant Mason jar.  That belongs to my mom.  That I want to steal forever and ever.  Not just borrow occasionally.
Cupcakes were one the day's agenda, but the ingredients that I needed were not in my pantry.  Instead of waking up a sleeping baby I played a little mad scientist roulette.  Sometimes it works.  Sometimes.

Every day is a party with this girl.  Pretty pettiskirt and all.  Thanks for the rad hand me downs Erin!  You spoil my girls.

Do you have one of these super cool gadgets?  Because zesting citrus is AMAZING.  Even if you don't need to, the smell alone fills your kitchen with sunshine.  Adding a little lemon zest to strawberry lemonade buttercream?   Highly recommended.

The strawberry lemonade mix made the cupcakes bake and taste a little weird.  But the two scoops I added to the buttercream was delicious.  I also replaced a the vanilla extract with lemon juice.  Next time I think I will use either strawberry or lemon cake mix and just leave it alone.  But for an avoid-the-grocery-store pinch, these weren't too bad.

Is gas a million dollars a gallon?  Yes.  But does a girl sometimes need an aimless drive with her boyfriend?  Yes.  It was dreamy and worth every penny.

Meet two new best friends.  Hand washing happiness in this place.  The jar is from my happy weekend at Meg's in Kansas, and the pump and lid are from Post Road Vintage.  I think every sink in this house needs a matching one.

Are there places in your very own backyard that are historical and magical, yet for some dumb reason you have yet to visit them?  Thanks to Leslie, our littlest ones had a history filled playdate.  My fourth grade teacher would be proud.

Link up your simple moments as seen through your camera phone along with me at Life Rearranged.


  1. Fun pics! And I want your mom's tea jar as well. That is too cute.
    And I have to tell you that I am so jealous that you already got your Warehouse package from your/my/our boyfriend ;-P I hope that means mine will be waiting for me today!

  2. oh amish friendship bread. hahaa.

    i love that stuff. but the amount of milk - and is it flour? - it made me go through each batch, i had to give it up.

    seems like it is making the rounds again.

    that tea jar is AMAZING. i can see why you want to steal.

    and your strawberry buttercream sounds heavenly.

  3. Question for you... I have the instagram photo app, but how are you getting them on here? All I can think to do is email myself the photos, save to a comp, then upload again to that what you do? FYI - my instagram name is jsayers77 - I'm following you... :)

  4. wow, how i wish i had a bunch of crafty friends to hang with!

  5. i made the mason jar hand pumps this week with jars from the flea markets and pumps i had in softsoap bottles at my house. they turned out PREFECT. in love and def need one at every sink!

  6. So.....I've got new DMB cd' want???


  7. I need one of the mason jar soap dispensers, thanks for putting it in your post otherwise I would have never thought of it before

  8. here's my confession. i can't handle the non-refrigerated yeastiness that is happening with the amish friendship bread. i freaked out about it like 6 days in and threw it in the trash. which i think means i'm a bad friend.

  9. Your insta Friday pictures always make me smile. So pretty and happy.

  10. I love your mama's jar and the soap jar. The cupcakes sound so tasty. I hope you're feeling better and that Baby is doing great. :) I love your blog!

  11. My husband and I did the same thing after we got our DMB Warehouse CDs...a trip in the car with the windows down, blasting DMB. It was worth every penny. :)

  12. My husband and I did the same thing after our DMB WH CDs came in the mail...we drove on the backroads with the windows down, blasting DMB. It was worth every penny. :)

    Got to see Jeff Coffin & meet him the other night when we saw him play with the Mu'tet. Going to any Caravan stops this summer? I'll be in Chicago.

  13. do you print your instagram photos? if so, how??