How was your weekend?
Mine was just lovely.
Time with good friends, shopping, crafting, bunco-ing, eating, movie watching, flea marketing, and spray painting.
So good and so needed.

My ballet loving, biggest girl lost her very first tooth.  An exciting and slightly terrifying milestone.  Then she proceeded to lose the little tooth that she lost.
Tears ensued.  Lots of tears.  Even from me.  I wanted to keep that cute and creepy little tooth.
But I concocted an extravagant tale and reassured her that the tooth fairy knew where it was, even if we didn't, and that she was still sure to come.
Come she did, leaving a trail of sparkly glitter all over the pillow and sweet face of my beautiful girl.

In other happy, sweet news, registration opens today for the lovely that is sure to be Blog Sugar.
Come join us and be encouraged, affirmed, inspired, while soaking in the sweetness that can be had in this strange and beautiful world of blogging.

The speaker line up is crazy amazing.  Did I mention that there will be cupcakes?  Or that insecurity is not invited, so kick it to the curb.  If I can, anyone can.  Promise!

So grab your ticket quick!  They are limited and going fast.
I'd love to meet you.

Hope you have a lovely and sweet day!


  1. all the fun stuff happens in so. Cali... I can only make so many trips there in a year :) regretting that i didn't lengthen my trip by a day or two to drive up to meet you in person! oh well. it will happen :)

  2. you are going to help me then....I bought a ticket but am super shy...AHHHHHH

  3. My son lost his first tooth last night, and I am surprisingly emotional over it! I so wish I were closer to SoCal so I could make it to the conference.

  4. what a sweet little dancing queen you have!

  5. I soooooo want to go to blog sugar! however, that is my due date & i'm pretty sure i'm not supposed to be leaving the 10 mile radius of my hospital at that point.

  6. oh man... if only i was brave enough, perhaps i'd fly cross country to cali for blog sugar. sounds like it would be a wonderful experience!! i know you'll all have a blast! maybe one day...

    btw, making two of your recipes for our cell group meeting tonight... toffee crack and cheesy artichoke dip!! mmmmmm!

  7. gettin' my ruffle ON. can't wait to meet you, Julie! :)

  8. What a great weekend, sounds great to me! :) Both of my older sons lost their first tooth before it was left out for the tooth fairy! What are the chances?! They both wrote her a letter :)
    Btw I made your cheater baked ziti last night and it was A.MAZ.ING!!! I seriously had to stop my self from eating half the pan!! I'm going to share the recipe on my blog if thats ok?

  9. you go girl! so fun that you're going to be there! i'm going to CA next week! can't wait! although i hear the forecast isn't beach weather!?!? whaaaat????

  10. Praying and hoping and wishing.

  11. "grabbed" ur button today! love ur blog

  12. Planning on going!!!!! Sounds exactly like "the thing" I have been searching for!

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