I love football season.
Because it means one of two things, we either have a house full of people, or I have an afternoon off to do whatever in the world I want.
Shop aimlessly?  Nap?  Hide in the craft room?  Yes, yes and yes.
Our girls watch football.  Or they run loose with their little friends and destroy the house while the grown-ups watch football.
Football always means good, good, good food.
I am a little sad when the season is over.
To bad we aren't as passionate about baseball.  That season is loooooooong.

As for the Superbowl, we usually host a little party.  This year, I was pretty meh on both of the teams.  But I was excited for one thing... an excuse to make The Best Cheesecake in the History of All Cheesecake.
Girl food?  Maybe.  But I am a girl.  I think guys secretly like cheesecake too.

{have some cheesecake with your whipped cream?}

Was it as good as I remembered from my first introduction at Meg's house?
Was it surprisingly easy to make?
Do I want to have people over tonight just so I can make it again?
Yes.  Want to come over?

As for my favorite part of the Superbowl?
This commericial.  Brilliant.  Make me want a Volkswagen a tiny little bit.
Star Wars gets me every single time.
Want me to buy something?  Add Vader.
But not Jar Jar Binks.  That dork isn't getting a single dime from me.

What was your favorite part of Superbowl Sunday?
Care for a piece of cheesecake?


  1. I was not thrilled with either team in the Super Bowl so I went shopping. The quilt shop w/ the sale is an hour away so I was gone most of the day. I spent 2 1/2 hrs in the quilt shop! :)

    Glad you posted the commercial... so cute!

  2. I spent the entire day in my craft room while my husband watched the game. We ate nachos and stayed in our jammies. Perfection!

  3. my boys and i just watched that commercial three times in a row....

  4. Precisely the reason I'm afraid to buy a spring form pan! That crust with the fudge striped cookies..........oh my. Just may have to make it for Valentine's Day. ;-)

  5. I live in Ladera Ranch so I'll be over for a piece of cheesecake in about an hour. Just kidding...


  6. Favorite thing, the food, definitely the food. And the post-superbowl blog posts sharing about all of the food! :)

  7. I too LOVED that VW commercial, but we love ALL things Star Wars... The other one I like but in a wet willy sort of way was the Doritos commercial where the guys were in the office and the one asks for some, but when they are gone he settles for sucking the CHEESE off the other guys finger.. HA and YUCK....

  8. my husb loves cheesecake. and i totally need to have a bite of that photo right now. yummmmm. wouldn't it look so pretty with pink tinted whipped cream for v-day??

  9. oh.my.word! That cheesecake looks delish! Cookies for crust...Seriously?! That is genius! ;) This just may be our Valentines' Day dessert! Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. i am feeling the need to make a cheesecake. soon.

    that commercial was very cute.

  11. Yes, I'd love a piece of cheesecake! Thank you for asking :)

  12. I'm a big Packers fan, so my favorite was them winning. Definitely loved the VW commercial. I had my friend over who was 4 days overdue with her baby girl, gave her some hot wings and she was in labor by morning! Coincidence? Maybe. But I got to hold a tiny little girl and get really nostalgic about my 3 girls!

  13. so clearly, you're a Packer fan b/c of the CHEESEcake you made. So I'll thank you for helping my team win ;)
    looks delish!
    commercial?! HILARIOUS.

  14. Ugh! I am starving and that looks DELISH!

  15. Being a Michigan girl, I loved the Eminem commercial all about Detroit. It got all of us Michiganders excited!

    But seriously, I'll take the cheesecake too. :)

  16. The toffee crack I made.
    That was the best part, by FAR.

  17. that commercial was my favorite thing shown during the super bowl! and i am certain that cheesecake would have been too! ha. i was making all my desserts with cereal (get it?! super "bowl")- with a cereal crust, i bet cheesecake would have been a great addition!
    my SB treats are also posted but, none are so classy looking as this :)
    thanks for sharing!
    @ http://www.clutzycooking.blogspot.com
    @ http://www.myscribblednotebook.blogspot.com

  18. My favorite part of the Super Bowl was the part where my parents took my boys home from church and my very unsporty husband took me on a date to see The King's Speech (fabulous flick!) We had a SUPER (ha ha!) fun time not watching the game!

  19. The cheesecake looks AMAZING. I had to watch that commercial over and over again with my 3 year old. Vader is is fav.

  20. thanks for posting this! i wasn't able to watch the game/commercials and my friend told me i would love this commercial... they were right.

  21. I thought most of the Doritos commercials were funny...minus the first one with the guy licking the other's guy finger...eww! I definitely liked that Star Wars VW commercial. We had some yummy food, too. Little Smokies (a must have, I think) and wings.

  22. Thanks so much for putting cheesecake in my mind. I am in trouble.

    Cute commercial. I missed it during the game. I was talking, I'm sure. :)

  23. I'm sad not to have an excuse to paint at the kitchen table all day long, while my husband watches and baby plays. We might actually have to go outside and do something now. Cake looks unbelieveable.

  24. We are T. Brady fans in this neck of the woods so we didn't care much about the game, either. My thoughts: Both teams in yellow pants? FAIL. Steelers uniform font? DOUBLE FAIL. Christina's Star Bangled Anthem? TRIPLE FAIL. Fergie's cover of Sweet Child of Mine? INFINITY FAIL. But I always love the commercials. Thanks to DVR, the only ones I watch all year. And I am definitely making that cheesecake. In 5 minutes.

  25. OK, yeeessss! I'm sure all Southern CA blog-reader friends would love to come over for some cheesecake. ;)

  26. i refer to super bowl as "super eating sunday." you can eat all the junk you want and no one can make a peep about it.

    i do heart cheesecake, but sorry julie my husband makes the best (tofee crunch cheesecake, with graham cracker crust, heath chunks on top, drizzled in homemade caramel... oh i love that man).

    my favorite commercial was the dorito commercial where g-pa came back to life.

  27. My husband would be your best friend for a piece of that cheesecake. I do love the food and commercials. I was eh about both teams too so I didn't watch much.

  28. That cheesecake looks amazing. I don't even want to click on your link because there's probably a recipe and it's probably easy and then I will definitely make it and then I will eat it! UGH!
    I am most definitely NOT a football fan. I sit through USC games only because I love my husband, but that's it.
    But... I watched some of the Superbowl this year just to see the commercials. I thought the Doritos ones were really funny. And that VW one rocks!

  29. My favorite part is that I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin... and got to watch it with a great group of friends. What an amazing victory and this means the world to our small city.

  30. So..just wanted you to know...even though we have never meet, you are so my favorite person today.

  31. Ha!! I am making that same cheesecake for my husband who LOVES it, as do his male co-workers, who say its the best in the world!!! By the way, I NEED gray and white polka dot fabric, really NEED it!! Do you mind sharing where you got the fabric you made your messy flowers you gave to all those girls who I am jealous of your weekend with????
    Thanks a bunch!!!

  32. We love Meg's cheesecake at our house. Actually we love ALL of her recipes, have you tried her meatballs? yummo!