Ten on Ten: Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments.

Today was weird.
I was... off.
When I plan my day to go one way and it goes sideways, sometimes it takes me a while to recover.
So dramatic. I am not terribly structured.  But also not very flexible.
The dichotomies of my personality are exhausting.
I'm working on it.
Our neighbor's beautiful tree grew over our shared wall and rested on top of our house, damaging the roof.  It had to come down.  I hate to see a healthy tree go to waste.  But, surprisingly enough, our side yard which was once too shady to grow really anything, now sees a tiny bit of the sun.  Spring time will mean planting in the newly liberated dirt.  Hello hydrangeas!
Play date with a friend and her little one at Chick-fil-a.
Love, love, love the sparkly clean play place.
Love my fiesty bald-ish (still a little greasy) baby getting her wiggles out.
School pickup.
The little ones earned a pajama day.
She has been looking forward to debuting her Rapunzel jammies for months.
The second I walked back in the door, I got a call from the school.
Isn't that how it always is?
Seems my big girl was running a fever.
Back in the swagger wagon I went.
Do you have those days, when you can't take another minute of noise?
Today was that day.
With a sick husband, sick daughter and whole household sleeping, I snuck out to someplace I normally would dread.  But I was so in need of silence.  The silence of a drive.  The silence of a lab waiting room.
Hear that?
It's awesome.
How obnoxiously giant do my sunglasses look?
How adorable is my favey Allora necklace?  It alone should have kicked me out of my mood.
Only six vials today.
But one she drew by mistake, then threw it in the biohazard bin.
Why would anyone EVER want to become a phlebotomist?  EVER?
Unless they were vampires.
I don't get it.
Nobody is excited to be there.  
Nobody likes getting blood drawn.
Except vampires.
So weird.
I snuck back home to stitch up some sunshine for someone who has had one too many snow days this winter.  
Thinking I need to make myself a matching set.
Then was pleasantly surprised by this special delivery on my doorstep by a sweet friend.
Yes.  They are exactly what they look like.
and they are just as good as you could imagine.
How I wish that this was for me.
Alas, a chilled and feverish family member took precedence.
Next time I am first in line.
Warm quilt.  Cozy chair.  Hot tea.  Soothing, challenging, encouraging words.
This is what should have started my day instead of finishing it.
I have a feeling that everything would have been much, much different.
Maybe read it in the bath.  With the Oreos, the tea, and the quiet.
That is a morning that I could look forward to.

Tomorrow will be better.
I will do better.
Come what may.


  1. maybe if you were in the tub with the book, tea, cookies and quilt... now that would be cozy ;)

  2. i love quiet.
    and i lay in bed....awake....reading ann's blog, last night while a sick, coughing, not tired???, angry birds playing little 5 year old lay awake beside me, until midnight.

  3. Brownie Covered Oreos...someone is a GENIUS!

  4. Oh, I hope you have a better day tomorrow . . . maybe you are getting sick, too? That would explain a lot of your emotions . . .
    I will have to check that book out.
    Oh, and if I had a nickel for the amount of times I have said, "tomorrow I will do/be better" . . .
    I'm sure you are a fantastic mom/wife/person even on your "worst" of days. :)

  5. I've been wanting to read that book... I will.. one day.

    My husband and daughter are now demanding the brownie covered oreos... don't freak out or anything, but i'm not a fan of oreos... it's just as well, if I don't eat them, I just may pass my cholesterol screening next week!

    I feel your pain w/ the blood being drawn, but bless your heart for that many vials...

  6. I'm a stranger. And I don't want to be weird. But, I'm virtually (((hugging))) you. Tomorrow will be better. And if it isn't, the next day definitely will.

  7. Same kind-of day at the Blake household... only my friend didn't bring ME yummy brownie oreos. What-e-ver! Praying for a good night at the Carson house.

  8. You look so beautiful in the self portrait! Glamor girl for sure! And those brownie covered oreos look SO good. That is like my weakness...on steroids. YUM. :) Bookmarking that recipe!

  9. I'm a new reader to your blog and I just wanted to say "hey"!

    you have a wonderful style of writing/living and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better :)

    xo ellie

  10. I too am a fan of the chick fil a playground--it is definitely my first choice if we need a playdate indoors. McD's play area makes my skin crawl---eeewwww!
    A church near my kids' school has this up on the marquee right now "did you pray before you planned your day?" and so many as I am driving by after dropping the kids off I realize that no, I did not---I jumped in with both feet without a thought or prayer.
    Today I couldn't quit thinking about the new francesca battastelli song 'this is the stuff" because that was definitely the kind of day I was having--EVERYTHING was going wrong and making me grumpier and grumpier and I had to continuously stop and think "in the big picture does this in any way change my blessings?" and of course the answer was Not a bit. (sigh) definitely hard to remember though in the midst.

  11. love.

    just got one thousand gifts. starting it tonight. so excited!

    and please. feed me one of those brownie oreos :)

  12. love that you had something in you to give (with the sewing) even though you were being spent. somehow that is a reverse economy of God's. giving is filling.

    also, freaking out about the thrown away vial. one time i had blood drawn - like 8 or something ridic. it is one of my most hated things ever. and of course, i had to go back for a redo b/c the chic broke them in the centrifuge. gross.

  13. I heart your bathroom.
    I'd love a dip into the tub, with a hot tea, a book, and then to snuggle up under one of your pretty blankets. I have had one of those days. One of those days like you said, where I can't take one more noise. bleck.
    And why the blood drawing. yuck. I hate getting my blood drawn. *shiver*

  14. thanks for reminding me that i'm not the only one who has those days. ok weeks. maybe months sometimes. but there's always tomorrow, and if there isn't we'll be in heaven and be way better off! love ya!

  15. I just got Ann's book the other day and it is the perfect companion for a cup of tea. And I'm so excited - we're planning a trip to CA and Disney this spring. Can't wait to see some of that sunshine that you speak of...

  16. Love this post! May I add, that my friend and I were just drooling over the necklace!!!! Love it...you make it look amazing...and for that I think I will get it now that I see it on! Have a great weekend!

  17. Yesterday was like that for me too. (Mainly due to my 8 year old going on hormonal 16 yr. old) I usually use the song "Boogey Shoes" for perking up, but I'm definitely thinking quilt and book today. I just happen to have one my grandma made right here. Forget the laundry! I'm hoping today is full of smiles for you :)

  18. Check out this video. I have a feeling your going to love the shoes in it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef8e_JENKNA.

  19. i made a cheesecake yesterday.
    it just had to be DID.

    loving your fabric...of course.

    loving your sunglasses.

    the blood made me feel queasy and get the same feeling everytime i go to the doctor....ewwww.

    brownie covered oreos? holy moley.

  20. What a day...I think it's going around. I saw a recipe for those brownie covered Oreos and thought about making them...they look so yummy. That last picture is quite soothing :)

  21. I feel for you! I'm home today with a sick daughter. It always breaks my heart when my kids are sick. But I'm seeing the blessing in it-I've been really busy the last few weeks and now I have a day at home to do all the little things I've been putting off. You must have a wonderful friend to know that you needed some awesome chocolate. Yum! And your sewing projects looks so cheery - I'd love to see what it is that you made. I keep seeing that book cover - I need to read that!

  22. I need a day where someone cares about me LOL I have such a horrible, terrible no good very bad migraine right now that if I was a meaner person, someone would be getting punched. just because. but alas, I am not. :)

    also, you should have brought dave along on your solo, silent ride. i know it was a 'silent' ride, but tell me one time that man has failed to make you smile/swoon. i thought so.

  23. I think that EVERY time I go to the lab and on my three weekly visits to my unit, I think why would anyone want to do this? But then I think I am VERY thankful that someone does because I can't imagine doing it myself!

  24. If you hadn't said something about the gargantuanism (yep, that's a word... at least it is now...) of those sunglasses, I was going to! :)

    P.S. Congratulations!

  25. I literally, physically just cringed seeing those vials - needles are the thing that scares me above pretty much everything. (and -- I learned that you can become a phlebotomist at age 16. That is scary.)

  26. you crack me up.

    and how in the WORLD is your van so clean? under those super cool little mini-person converse I saw perfectly placed mats with no crumbs. must be magic.

  27. Boo for sickies. Heart the glasses. Heart the Allora. Heart the Rapunzel jammies (Leila wore hers to pajama day last week too!) Boo for extra blood. Hugs to you!

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  29. a few weeks ago, i went in for blood work and the tech had his name written IN SHARPIE on his lab coat. me: "so, are you new?" sharpie boy: "yep. second day." AWESOME.

    also i'm making the oreos right this very second. with DOUBLE STUFF. and i think i might double die.

  30. I stumbled upon your site today, not quite sure how or why but I'm so glad I did! I've been reading through your posts and looking at your pictures. You have such a beautiful family, and it's so refreshing to see someone with faith in the Father on the internet! I know there are plenty, but sometimes I feel that it's few and far between that bloggers aren't just condemning others. I find your site so encouraging! Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations and thoughts with the world!

    Also, I LOVE this "Ten on Ten" idea! Would you mind if I did it on my blog sometime? I understand that sometimes bloggers have their own "signature" posts and I didn't want to infringe!

  31. thanks for being real julie. life happens in real time.

    i NEED to order that book. i think i am the only woman on the planet that does not have it.

  32. hey chica! I'm going thru withdrawals... are you there? :) hope you are feeling great and having a fab week

  33. I use to be a phlebotomist in college. I loved it, but only because I was also a MA student and I studied and studied and practiced and practiced (on oranges and other classmates) until I got really good. Then the people would say things like "wow, I didn't even feel that...or that was the easiest blood draw I have ever had". That always made me feel so good. Hope your day gets better. From someone who made those brownie covered oreos last Sunday (the mint kind of oreos and mint brownie mix...so Good), they definitely do the trick. Hope you feel better today!

  34. those brownie/cookies...Oh, Lord!!!!! Have you been over to Picky Palate and seen the oreo stuffed choc.chip cookies?!!!!!! I'm gaing 10 more pounds by the end of the month, I know it!!!

  35. You are just as cute as can be. Love your blog & ALL you have to say. And I love those orange chucks :)