I am hardly a gardener, but I know that without water, flowers die.

But how many times do my automatic sprinklers turn on without my notice, keeping my flowers alive?

Do I have to walk five miles to fetch water from a muddy pond each day?

Do I have to worry about my children getting sick and dying from that water?

Without water, people die.

Can flowers bring water to a thirsty community?

Happily, thankfully, yes they can.

Shop for something more today.
The Water 4 Christmas shop is open.  Last year it raised enough money to build two wells in Liberia, Africa.

What will it do this year?

Shop here.
Thank you!


  1. I saw your cute flowers on megs blog....love them!!!!

  2. i bought them!! :)
    love ya julie....and your big heart.

  3. cutest flowers...awesomest initiative. Heart swelling with the possibilities :)

  4. I'm so excited to see how many wells will be built too! I FINALLY bought a couple of your awesome buttons and for such an awesome cause...I'm keeping one for myself too, which rarely happens when I buy something brand new. I am so happy that I saved up some $$$ to spend today, what an amazing feeling. :)

    Btw...my family has just begun an amazing journey of its own, in which we plan to fund a well of our own in Africa. I am selling Christmas gift tags in my shop to start and will continue to do more as time allows. ;)


    Now to figure out what to do about Project 320 coming up, you just might make a blogger out of me yet!!