{This banner needs to live with me.}

You know that person in disaster movies?
The one in the command center that they turn to as an asteroid/ bomb/ train is hurtling to the nearest metropolitan area?
The one who gets asked "What is the worst possible scenario we are looking at?"

I would be so good at that job.
I all too often am assessing that exact same question in my mind.  In my the-glass-is-half-empty mind.
But just like in the movies, the worst case scenario never, ever seems to come to fruition.
Disaster is always avoided.
Even my imaginary troubles are averted.

Last week I was having a day.
You know those kinds of days.
Full of calamity and catastrophe.
Not one, but two sewing machines decided it was their day to die.
My computer was giving me a whole lot of spinning rainbow wheel attitude.
I was facing a week with not only too much on my plate, but not enough pretty plates in all of the world in which to hold all that was being thrown my way.
I was stressed, tired, thirty three days off of sugar, and acting like a general psycho.

That jerk Taylor Swift and her song Never Grow Up sent me right in to the really, really, really ugly cry.
From there I had to crumple up my to do list, accept that fact that a majority of what I wanted to get done would remain unfinished.  But that most importantly, nobody would even notice what was missing amongst all that wasn't.

I sent myself to bed early with a good book and signed up for a next day do-over.  Come morning, I was less of a psycho, and tried my best to pretend to be a half full girl.

The half full life is so, so, so much better.  My disaster scenario turned into what could be a very, very, very beautiful answer to prayer.

Project 320 is going to look a little different this year.  But sometimes different is good.

I can't wait to tell you about it tomorrow.
Maybe tomorrow will bring about the one of the best days ever.


  1. Oh my goodness - that sond did it to me too. And I don't even have kids yet!!!! I was innocently driving to work one morning and bam!

    It's all going to be okay. And thanks for sharing even the not so pretty parts. We've all got them.

  2. Sorry about your bad week. But don't you love when our disaster days turn into prayers answered?

    DO NOT LOVE that song. Actually, really love it. But do not love that I'm a sobbing fool.

    Praying for you and excited about all that is in store!


  3. Oh girl! I know how you feel! If you ever need any help with anything, I live in RSM! I would love to help you out. :)

  4. oh julie...sorry about the dumpy day! will be praying that you cup fills up a bit! you know i'd be super happy to help with anything! i could babysit, help sew, help paint, make dinner to drop off...seriously - you have my digits&email and please know i'd love to help!

  5. LOL: spinning rainbow wheel attitude.

  6. i consider myself a "glass is half full" kind of a girl, but let me tell you...even we half full girls have days when we'd prefer to bury our heads under the covers and hide until the sun brings up a new day. take care friend. different is good!

  7. it always does turn out ok....


    cannot wait to hear about 320.
    i know for sure that it will rock.
    no doubt.

  8. I will be praying for you girl. We all have those days. Even though we as readers can't lift the burden from you I'm thankful you were able to share. Praying tomorrow is filled with beauty, grace, patience, blessings and the Lords presence.

  9. Sorry about your bad day. I hope you have a better day tommorrow. Don't feel bad we all need a good cry after nothing goes right.

  10. Wish I could beat up your bad day..I totally would. Praying for sweet refreshment dear one. {Love}

  11. I'm sorry you had a terrible day . . . I've been feeling overwhelmed quite often lately . . . Then I read this quote this week at the top of one of the awesome blogs - "Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you." ~John De Paola It made me feel better . . . will I embrace it . . . might take me a few years ;) And I love a good cry - it's good for the soul.

  12. Sorry about your bad day..I've been having them lately too. Kiddos boycotting naps n bedtimes n a tired not all there mommy isnt fun. So I can relate. Minus the fact I stayed up to clean and now gonna be exhausted but its totally worth it by hearing that song I sobbed like a baby! Its so true growing up is hard n having our babies stay little as long as possible is welcomed! I would love it but they gotta grow up like we did. I cant wait to hear about what you have in store for 320! yaya. I will be praying for you.

    karin marie

    p.s I can be the half empty glass girl too but trying to get better at it n be positive n patient.

  13. I'm a half empty kind of girl too. I struggle with my attitude and my hubby helps a lot (he's a half full kind of guy). I'm so sorry you had a rough day/week. I can't wait to hear your news and I hope/pray you have a better day!

  14. I think we may have been having the *same* kinda week(s)...funny though- it seems sometimes it takes "those" kind of weeks to bring about the greatest Blessings-or maybe it just opens our eyes a little wider to see all of them...

    Hoping your day is filled with many Blessings friend!

  15. Thank you for the reminder not to be a doom forecaster. I feel like this post could have been written about me! I was for sure having one of those tired "everything is going to explode and I will have to clean it up" kind of days and the picture of the banner made me laugh till I cried. Thanks!

  16. sorry about your bad day.
    I have them quite frequently as well and surely could use that banner once an hour here at Haus of Girls.
    Don't even get me started on the new Taylor Swift cd. Don't Ever Grow Up? Get out of here. The worst. Bawling. "Remember what it sounds like when your dad comes home...." I die. Do you have her new cd? If not I will mail it to you asap. Holla at me.

  17. hahaha...Julie, I am truly sorry for your worst day ever but does it make you feel any better that laughing at you (just a little ) and your post is making my day a little less sucky? I love the "spinning rainbow wheel attitude"...: ) that is quite possibly one of the most annoying things EVER to me...in the top 5 anyway. hope today was much better!

  18. My almost 9 year old says that everytime anything goes wrong in her day.
    "So and so was mean to me. Worst. Day .Ever"
    "I missed 2 words on my spelling test. Worst. Day. Ever."
    " I spilled my milk. Worst. Day. Ever."

    I often tell her, maybe she should just move to Australia (you knoW from Alexander and te no good very rotten day). But that just gets an eye roll and a "thats not funny mom" from her.

    Maybe I should make her the sign. Then she can hang it up when it's the WORST DAY EVER.