Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hey Mr. Postman.

In my attempt to continue to avoid the laundry, I listed some signs in the shop.
They need new homes, before I get mad at them and take them down to the beach for a big old bonfire.
Don't think that thought hasn't crossed my mind.
Sunset.  Pedro's burritos.  Hooded sweatshirts.  Cozy fire.  Sounds sort of fun, right?

Too much crafting makes one a bit crazy.
Save me!  Save the signs from imminent doom!

Besides, I think my mailman could use a little bit of a workout.  He has had a good long break from schlepping packages off of my porch.

P.S.  Just because you couldn't come to The Queen Bee Market, doesn't mean you can't have the special Queen Bee pricing.   Buy two signs and save.  Yay!  {Excluding the Days Until chalkboard sign.}  The difference will be refunded via Paypal.

Coming soon....
Headbands, beanies, pins, clips, dresses.


  1. The signs are adorable. Nice job!

  2. Please, please, please put the headbands in soon;-)

  3. I bought two...if you see an order that says 'jason minchew'...LOL...that's me. my best friend and i share a paypal.

  4. Yay I bought two!! One for the kitchen and one for my studio/office. I'm so excited

  5. so i'm REALLY tempted to buy you out of the hope ones and put them up all over our little church... ;)

    everything (booth, product, etc) looked awesome!!

    way to go, girl!

  6. Where is the "Grace" one? That's my daughter's name ... :(

  7. Yeah! I was hoping you'd have signs left for your shop!

  8. I am all over the headbands when you put them up!! I'm eagerly waiting!!

  9. I've followed your blog for awhile, along with tons of others. I came across this today and immediately thought of you...

  10. Do you use liquid chalk on your countdown sign? If so, which kind do you use? Thank you!

  11. I got my signs, and I LOVE them!!! They may both hang in the kitchen after all, since they look so cute together!

  12. Oh happy last day of November for me! I was so excited to order a countdown sign and a "shine" sign. That is one of our favorite songs and I'm always reminding my little monsters to shine! Now if I could just get my mitts on one of those uh-may-zing dresses...a girl can dream :) Have a fabulous evening and thanks thanks thanks from your friend on the other coast.


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