I would like to say that I spent the afternoon burning bags full of money.  In fact it felt like I did.  Or that I bought a used car.  An invisible used car.  But I spent it in the dentist's chair.


Like a crazy person.

Partly because I was in so much pain.  Partly because I was hungry.  {Five days of smoothies and hummus can make one stabby.} But mostly because I found out how truly not awesome our dental coverage is.

Oh, how I wish all it took to soothe me was my thumb and blankey.
She is my first kid to be attached to a blanket and to suck her thumb.  I find it honestly, truly, deliciously, adorable.  Except when the blanket goes missing.  She has a backup, but how in the world do kids know with 100% certainty the difference between two of the exact same things?  She has the real, much preferred "fuzzy" and the sad forsaken "fake fuzzy".  I'm also afraid that the thumb sucking will land her crying in the dentist or orthodontist chair too someday.  Sigh.
But she doesn't worry about dental insurance.
She isn't concerned in the least.
Just give her the fuzzy and she is full of peaceful sunshine.

Oh, to be one again.
I love my happy little sunshine girl.
I love the new letters for her room.  A rainbow of happiness for my bald little baby.

You can find them at Love, September.  They come in so many beautiful fabric choices and fonts. I am so smitten with everything about them.  Adore.  But now I am thinking she needs the rainbow ribbon banner to match...


  1. I hate the dentist. HATE. it makes me all squirmy inside.
    She is getting so big. And she's as adorable as ever!
    Love those letters, super cute.

  2. Love those sweet pics. And ohh how I hate the dentist.

  3. How CUTE is she...and those SUNSHINE letters are awesome!
    Dental Insurance = not cool... Our creepy coverage sounds the same, I don't even go yearly because just basic stuff STILL costs a small fortune... boo

  4. she is so adorable! Im in the same boat with the dentist/insurance thingy!!!

  5. i totally understand the "fake" lovey thing. my first born daughter was attached to ONE certain pacifier (yuck!). The color got discontinued, so I bought a back-up Paci on Ebay (new) for $15 (yes, $15 for ONE pacifier).

    anyway- she of course knew the difference and wanted nothing to do with the imposter.

    those days with her are behind us now...but yea! i get it!!! haha!


  6. I hear ya, we had to finance my dental work this spring. FINANCE it! We have insurance!

  7. What a little cutie pie!! Love the letters! Sorry about the dentist. :(

  8. I have been avoiding going to the dentist for months now! I worry about both of my daughters having huge overbites because they both suck their thumbs (one is 1 and one is 4). I used to suck mine too...until the dentist told me I would look like a walrus if I continued. I never did it again!

  9. She. is. precious.
    Dentists suck...or maybe teeth suck...either way...I feel like I have the teeth of an 80yr. old and it stresses me far more often than I would like. The end. :)

  10. She is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    My baby has a lovey blanket too and he has a preferred side. Last night he was crying because the tag (aka taggy) is almost all rubbed away and it just made him "so sad."
    What did the dentist do to you? Root canal?

  11. i know just what you mean about the thumb and the blanky. my little piper is the same and i really love it. henry was a binky guy and if i had a dollar for every time that darn binky went missing right at bedtime i could afford to pay for your dental appointment.

    those letters are without a doubt completely rad. and so is the price!

  12. ohhh....sorry about your dental pain....yes, your little one is absolutely the cutest! And I can tellyou from experience, sucking the thumb makes for some expensive orthodonture...

  13. Both of my kids have comfort items-I thought at first it was because I am such a terrible parent, but Jak's psychologist told me that it actually is a sign of good parenting because they can self sooth.

    I knew I was an awesome parent!!

    Thanks for the fab plug for the shop!

  14. Rememer seeing M STILL sucking her thumb at H's bday? I figure I was a late thumb sucker and I turned out okay......wait.....maybe turned out okay???

  15. Dental insurance is no fun at all!!!

    The letters are so cute and colorful!

  16. Love the pink of her room! My daughter has a similar color on one of her walls! And, I can totally relate to the security blanket. She has a pink Little Giraffe travel blanket named Winky. I stupidly showed her the second one we bought (same brand, identical), but because one had been washed and loved more, it had a different look and texture. She aptly named the new one "other Winky", which morphed into Wooby, which is what my daycare lady calls lovie blankets. Wooby became a necessity, and Winky second fiddle. Last weekend, we lost Wooby at the zoo. I got away with one night of saying it was in the washing machine, but no way was it going to work for two! Luckily, they had one in town. When I gave it to her, I said nothing hoping it would be okay. It better be! Those blankets are ridiculously expensive! She loved it, but instead of saying that it was clean from the washer, she was excited and thanked me for buying a new one from the store! Can't put anything past her! :)

  17. Did you have a root canal? I'm sorry you had a bad day :(

    Miss Sunshine is just precious in her pink, sunshiny room!

  18. Oh man! I hate the dentist too (and I don't use the word hate often). I hope you are able to eat goodies soon (and someone leaves a bag of money on your doorstep). Love those letters. It's nice to have something that can't fall on the baby in an earthquake....the things we have to worry about in CA. :) What kind of lovey does she have? Looks like a barefoot dreams blankie :D

  19. Oh sweet Bald Baby Janie, what a wonderful day to end your day. Thankful you are out of pain and hope you break away from the solids fast. XOXO

  20. My eldest is 8, and still sleeps with "taggie" and while in preschool we coaxed her into taking in "taggies cousin" (you know the almost the same but not as soft and worn in from constant holding and rubbing) so that the real taggie wouldn't get ruined. And really, with how I hate the prices of Gymboree, that blanket has lastest 8 long years of constant washing, rubbing, throwing, dragging, and withstood quite a few stomach flu episodes. Really if only everything in life were as durable as "taggie".

  21. Super cute baby & those eyes! And super cute fabric letters! =)

  22. yuck- i hate the dentist as well! i hope this brings you relief though!

    on the topic of the blankie- i had two stuffed clowns when i was young. they were named "clown" (the one i loved) and "imposter" (whose name is an accurate description).

  23. cute letters.

    i had a mental break down at the dentist a few years ago. like....they brought me a box of kleenexes and four employess. i was hysterical. they told me i needed a root canal. not that they gave me one....they just told me i needed one. :)
    but like you i had been on no sleep for four days and was in terrible pain. that news sent me over the edge. They knocked me out.

    it is embarrassing.

  24. I was told to only worry about thumb sucking past the age of 2..when they have the majority of their teeth. I wouldnt worry about it!

  25. My 4 1/2 year old still sucks her thumb and LOVES her lovey... actually obsessed would probably be more appropriate! It may sound gross, but I hear that the smell is how they know if it's the real deal or not! So I make sure to wash hers a lot :)

  26. random question...did you buy that crib in white, or did you paint it?

    the reason i ask is because we just bought a crib that looks almost exactly like that only it's wood and we want to paint it.

    just wondering if you have any tips.


  27. I am SO sorry about the dental experience...I hope it all gets better soon.
    Can you tell me the color of the wall? I'd love to paint my daughter's room a cute pink like that. Love those letters too!

  28. I love those letters!

    My youngest was my only one that sucked her thumb and had to have her "dee-dee"... She's also the only one that doesn't have ortho or dental issues now.

    Go figure!

  29. She can borrow Emily next time the blanket goes missing. We're down to 1/2 of one dread.

  30. Oh man the dentist! I bet everyone has a horror story or 2! I have to go to the dentist too! To get all 4 of my wisdom teeth out! Oh man I wonder how that is gonna go..eek! Booo on not-so-good insurance coverage..blah. gotta love it. not.

    I use to work for one (that didnt last long-supa boring! plus the computer stuff for apts was too hard for me. oh well it was a good summertime job and help me later meet my hubby!) Everything happens for a reason!

    A couple things I have the same crib! gotta love the jenny lind cribs!(too bad my girls aren't a fan of cribs..) I even have that breathable bummer too! & that polka dot blanket with a cupcake on it from lovely target! super werid! But I think our daughters look alike! I need to send a pictures they could be twins kinda. lol

    I wish my girls had a blankey or lovey or something because most days its me or tha ta-tas(younger one). Well, no my older daughter calls her pacifer her peep-peep & will call out for it when she doesnt have it like its a long lost pet or something lol it is funny and cute at times. Gotta love kids they say and do the darnest things! But they grow up too fast! =/ & those Sunshine letters are so yummy!

    Smiles & Sunshine!
    Karin Marie :D

  31. what??? is that hair i see on bald baby?? what a cute ball of sunshine!
    meg told me about the dental trauma...so, so, sorry...dentist's are evil!

  32. Don't worry, I'm almost 26, still suck my thumb and have straight teeth =)

    The pacifier is way worse for teeth than sucking your thumb, and that came from my dentist! (whom I pay for after my crappy dental insurance pays NOTHING when I pay them so much...ugh.)

  33. I love bald baby! I love her so much!! she is so cute :)

  34. My little girl is my first finger sucker/blankie girl.... I wonder if they typically go together?

    Ohhhhh the dental epidemic. I swear to you-- this is a huge problem. So many people have no dental coverage, or very poor dental coverage. I can't imagine how many people forgo treatment because of the cost. I know personally, I do not have dental coverage. My husband and I are unemployed, and we're struggling. We need our mouths worked on so badly, and we have regular health insurance.... but our poor teeth. Your mouth is the gateway to your health!! It should be taken care of! *SIGH!!!*

  35. Oh, and Josie has about 4-5 silkies. She calls them "bankie," and there is one primary silky, but I swear, that girl will carry around every one she can find. They're all pink satin/minky dot. Cracks me up.

    My now 5 year old had a cat thing. She would carry around 3-5 stuffed cats. It was hilarious, and we'd always call her the Crazy Cat Lady. (A la The Simpsons.)

  36. She is so beautiful. I love the picture of her in her crib with her thumb and blanket.

  37. She is SOOOO cute! And she is getting some hair!! :) Doll baby!!

  38. Awesome sunshine letters! Well, she's so pretty in that pink dress. I wonder what she's thinking while thumb-sucking.

    Speaking of dental coverage, I'm so thrilled with ours too. My sister just got minor orthodontic treatment, and we were able to save because of the dental insurance coverage. Were just grateful we depended on the superb services of a dentist, (Aiken SC-based). The results of the treatment is awesome and we begun to trust our dentists. Aiken is our new home now.

    Thanks for sharing cute photos of the little baby, Julie! So nice!


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