From my happiest place on Earth.

I went straight from Betty to Bass Lake.
That in itself is craziness, but it was just what we needed after this hectic summer, and right before school starts.

However, now the challenge is to force myself to unpack and do laundry, instead of baking up some yummy treats.
Not an easy task.
At all.
But I will be disciplined.
The oven can wait.

Even if I can't.

{The fact that I have a molar that is hurting SO BADLY, I cannot chew a single bite of solid food, and have heartily considered going all frontier on it with a pair of pliers, may be part of the reason for the willpower to stay out of the kitchen.  I hate you dental insurance.  Hatey, hate, hate.}


  1. OH MY! That is my favorite place on earth! I grew in Oakhurst and the Forks was the "it" place! My track coach owns it and growing up, we would always have parties at his house and there would be all you can eat forks burgers!

    This picture just made me way to happy! Thank you!

  2. oh yuck! that's the worst. seriously. worse then recovering from a c-section. i hope you can get that thing fixed soon!! i'm sayin' a little prayer for you.

  3. sorry for the pain friend :( I hate dental insurance too, it's a joke. Feel better :)

  4. OUCH! I loathe the dentist (I endured braces for 3 1/2 yrs) but well worth it.

    Have a great start to the school year! I teach 4th and we've already begun. :)


    I found the pb/choc. bugles in the store today...bought a bag...ate the whole bag! :? I believe I hear my thighs and bum getting bigger as I speak.

    Have a great day!

  5. Beautiful pic!! Can't wait to see some of the results of all the new recipes you have!!
    BTW - we just spent a week up in the mountains, the altitude made my sore tooth completely unbearable so I went in and they pulled my wisdom tooth and to be quite honest, it wasn't as pricey as I thought it was going to be (that and it made the rest of the trip much, much better!)

  6. Praying for the 'toof' and that you don't go frontier! Good Luck on the laundry, mine's clean just taking up residence on the couch for...umm too many days to count. Eek!

    Happy Day! XOXO

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your sore tooth. I just went through a similar situation a month or so ago. I was more along the 'I am going to use this ice skate like from that Tom Hanks movie' mood. Terrible, terrible, terrible!

    But if it makes you feel any better, your girls are just adorable (which I'm sure you are well aware of!) Look on the bright side, right!? ;)

    Hope you get the tooth fixed soon!

    Kind Regards,

  8. i was at the dentist today. yuck.

    you must be exhausted.
    i hope you don't have any company coming to your house for quite awhile to bug you and tire you out even more......

  9. oh my.

    those sassy spunky girls.

    you, my friend, are in trouble.

  10. But wait! Let's think about this...couldn't you just bake brownies?!?! They're soft...easy to chew...I'm just sayin'!

    free blog makeover giveaway at my neck of the woods...come see me

  11. It's my first visit to your blog; you have a lovely family! Hope you're feeling better today!

  12. All the best to you with that tooth issue....I've been putting off the dentist visit for a while now too.
    Glad you could get away for a bit.

  13. Or you could go all Castaway on it with an ice skate!

  14. I just ate their for the first time last month. Their fries were YUMMY!

  15. Hey Julie! Welcome back to reality. Hope all is well after the dentist. Wanted to thank you for the inspiration to do an Etsy-based fundraiser for a sweet girl named Ava. My sister and I (Two Florida Girls) participated in the Cora fundraiser and when we heard about Ava, we knew we had to organize the same for her. We're just starting to get everything organized. Thanks for the inspiration. Praying for a miracle for sweet Ava.

  16. Oh so sorry about the tooth. Toothaches are the absolute worst pain in my opinion. Had both my boys w/o meds and two toothaches----the toothaches were much worse!
    Hoping you get into the dentist for relief soon!

  17. Been there done that with the molar - hope it's OK. Love your Betty pics. How fun! And Bass Lake looks dreamy. Kind of like Guntersville Lake in Alabama when I was a kid.