A random run down of things that I have been loving lately, as well as some answers to a few questions.

Yay for Deanna!
You are the winner of the Bel Kai Designs gift certificate.
I wonder which one you are going to pick!

I cannot leave the house while wearing my Allora Handmade necklace, without being repeatedly stopped and complimented by strangers.  Part of me is pretty sure that if I had a suitcase full of them with me wherever I went, I could sell them in minutes.  They are that beautiful.  I am the happy owner of both pink and green, but grey is calling my name.  My simple predictable uniform of cardigans is suddenly super styley and sassy paired with a Modern Pearl necklace.  The lovely Jessica who creates all of the Allora goodness is truly delightful too.

Jason's shirt is a list of the candidates from Lost.
Nerdtastic if you ask me.
I got it at abc.com, but since purchasing it they moved their store to CafePress.  Blah.  When you type in LOST tees some three thousand items come up.  I have tried and tried to find it to no avail.  If anyone stumbles across it, please send the link my way.  I am fairly certain that I could plant, harvest, and loom my own cotton into a tee before I muddled through the crazy number of pages of unrelated choices.

The rainbow quilt.  Sigh.  Target.  Clearance.  For pretty much the cost of two yards of fabric.  It makes me wonder why I make quilts at all.  That and the fact that my current quilt is SOOOOOOO BORING right now.  Trimming and squaring off nearly 200 squares.  Mind you the same 200 squares that my mom kindly ironed for me.  It will be worth it when (and if) I finish, but for now... no likey.

Haagen Daz Creme Brulee.  Stop what you are doing and go buy some now.  It is frozen dreams and magic.

This post. From Building the Blocks.
It utterly destroyed me.  In the best possible way.  I dare you to read it and not have your heart be changed.

31 Bits.  Buy a necklace or bracelet.  Take part in changing the future of women in Uganda.  You can snatch up one of the few that Love has left (while you are there, settle in with a cup of coffee.  I adore her.) or on the 31 Bits site.

Mumford and Sons.  Thank you Beth and April for your flawless taste in music and for introducing me to this fine album.  It will be accompanying me to yet another root canal adventure today.

We dog sat for my parent's goofy chocolate lab this weekend.  I love that guy.  His best skill?  Cleaning the floor.  (Non-dog people, feel free to gag.  Dog people, seriously, how awesome is it to not sweep the floor after every meal?)  But if you are of the human species, eating off of the floor, really does not end well.  The print in my kitchen is made by Sycamore Street Press.

I think that's it... did I miss anything?  What else are you dying to know?


  1. Love's post rocked me, too. i sat staring at those beautiful bits trying to decide which to order. i love the mustard yellow necklace and her blog!

    we call our dog the vacuum cleaner. he comes in from outside after each meal to clean up the floor under the kids seats. LOVE that silly dog!! it's our way of saying thank you for all the kid craziness he has to deal with around here. he plays dress up like a champ!

  2. I about to purchase one of those necklaces.. I'm in love!

  3. What a fun blog you have!! I too love those necklaces, and that ice cream looks amazing! Thank you so much for sharing about 31 bits. I am going to read the post now. Have a great day!

  4. Totally feel like we have been doing the waiting game.
    Is this what God really wants for us?
    How will we manage?
    When's the right time?
    Are we the kind of people that can do this?
    Have we learned enough?
    the list goes on and on and on....
    But that blog post, and the past couple of Sundays at church have just hit me head on, in as you said it "the most wonderful" kind of way.

  5. oh, mumford and sons! 'the cave' is my favourite. they played a gig at the eden project in cornwall (UK) in july that i desperately wanted to go to... maybe next time!

  6. So close....


    Yet so far.

  7. ahhh yes... the glorious sounds of mumford & sons :) i REALLY hope the dentist experience doesn't ruin it for you ;)

    and this post is overflowing with so much wonderful goodness... i lOVE it!

    happy tuesday west coast chica!

  8. I heart this post. I'll read that post when the girls are in bed, tonight. I am obsessed (obsessed!) with Allora Handmade, and the fact that Jessica is one of the sweetest people ever. I have a beautiful grey and yellow bib necklace from her that I wear all. the. time. but I am on her site pretty much daily swooning over the pearl necklace. I need it. And the bracelet too. I actually tweeted about it yesterday! Ramon is our dirt devil. About once a week I let him loose in the car to de-crumb the back seat. He's amazing.

    I miss you a TON friend.

    Oh, PS - the Ben & Jerry's creme brulee ice cream is even better. It should truly be outlawed.

  9. I am sort of dying over that quilt. I almost bought it a while ago for my girls room and didn't! I just ran to my Target and they are gone. I am going to try one more tomorrow!

  10. Oh, this is FULL of good stuff! I love the necklaces and am off to browse. And how I wish our dog cleaned the floors...he's way too picky, unfortunately.

  11. I would like to know where you get your quilt design/ideas from. Ex: do you whip them up in your head, because you're awesome like that, or do you find tutorials online that make you drool?

  12. Stumbbled across your blog yesterday and have been thinking about all you have inspired since! I LOVE those BIG headbands that your kids wear, do you make those? Sell those? Have a tut on those? xoxoo

  13. That post did destroy me. And Moments With Love...I had never visited her site before either and WOW, such goodness. Pure, honest, goodness. Thanks for sharing both of those links.

  14. Seriously, how do parents without dogs do it? Especially in the early "finger foods" periods. I can completely relate!

  15. Amen on sweeping the kitchen! My sweeping would not be as thorough as our dog. She will eat anything and can hear bread whisper to the floor at 80 paces so nothing stays there long.

  16. The clean floor is the only thing I miss about our dog.
    Sad, but true.

  17. Wait, what? That quilt is Target?!! I need to head over there with a quickness! I *heart* it! :) Perfect for both of my girls!

    I am in love with the rose necklaces!!! Adding it to my Christmas list :)

    Here's a question you probably answered awhile back, but indluge me :) - what lens are you using for most of your shots?

  18. Another who desperately needs that quilt for my daughter's room. She is obsessed with rainbows and I just finished painting her room. Went to one Target and couldn't find the quilt, will hit two more tomorrow. I did, however, find huge mirrors in the clearance section of mirrors/prints/bedding for $2.49 each. I have been looking for four mirrors to put over my bed, and these were a steal. Going to spray paint them this weekend. Of course.

  19. That ice cream looks really good right now. If I didn't have 3 little boys to drag with me to the store I would be very tempted. Love every single thing you posted about. Happy day to you!

  20. I saw pics on Amy D's blog from her and Meg's recent trip to your home. I LOVE the scripture signs; did you make or purchase them?

  21. that 'building the blocks' post knocked my socks off.
    huh, just when i think i'm grounded and so 'aware'. wow!

    thanks for the link love!
    try to find mums 'feel the tide'. NOT on itunes, sadly!

  22. THANK YOU for spreading the word about 31 bits!

    i love all these things. the grey Allora necklace?! NEED.

    have i told you that i want to be neighbors? oh, i have? [i'm not crazy. promise.]

  23. Oh my word...you just posted a pic of my very favorite ice cream. Why would you do that? ;) I'm pretty sure I just gained 7 lbs just looking at it.

  24. I am not even joking when I say I am going to Savemart on my next break and buying that Creme Brulee ice cream.

    My thighs thank you.

    No, really.