Not the real Holland.
Although, that would be amazing.
I am heading north to see my fave Hollas, which somehow got auto corrected to Holland.
So now we call it our Holland trip.
Dorks?  Yes.  Not ashamed.

Erin will be my flying partner.  On an airline that pretty much nobody has ever heard of.  Did I mention that I hate, hate, hate to fly?  I do.  Add a flight on a sketchy airline...  deep breaths, Xanax, my boyfriend Dave on the iPod.  She better not read Twilight out loud to me.  Or I will jump out of the plane.

Mel is our hostess for the adventures.  She is driving past two closer airports just to pick us up at the shady airport that Sketchy Air flies to.  She has promised to make monkey bread.  That alone will get me on a plane.  Yes please.

Heather M. may or may not give birth to her fourth child while we are there.  That would be lovely if he choose to make an appearance during Holland fest.  But if she doesn't I want her to help me start my next quilt.

Heather G. is bringing her snackable baby girl Gianna, who may just be the second happiest baby girl I have ever met (right after bald baby, obvs.)  Love her.  She also is solely responsible for my Stella & Dot obsession.

Marta, my favorite resident of the Show Me State (Missouri, for those of you who don't know your state nickname trivia) will be with us in spirit and with us in Pottery Barn Dip.  Sad face.  Sad face.  Marta,  it will not be the same without you.  Seriously.  I want a Star Trek machine to get you there.

We have grand plans of shopping, eating, crafting, eating, being dorks, eating, and enjoying all that Holland has to offer.

I love these girls.  We forged friendships over Twitter.  We built wells together.  They are my hollas.  They are everything that is good about these here internets.  It is going to be a really good few days.

Unless my plane crashes...
$19.99 each way?
That can't be good, right?


  1. OOOH so fun!!! You will have an amazing time i'm sure! And $19.99???? What the heck airline is this?! :) xoxox Holly

  2. Sounds like fun. What airline are you flying? lol.. If you're in europe and flying Ryan Air don't worry they're safe. :) Also had to note, that I love the name of your friend's child Gianna. How do they pronounce it? Are they italian? I love the name and love it pronounced geee-ana and John-a too... :) lol. I'd have to choose one way if I were to name a child it. :) Enjoy your trip! I'll say a prayer for safe travels for you!

  3. You're going to be fine. Dave would not let anything happen to you:)


  4. Looks like such a fun trip. You met all of these ladies through blogging? How cool is that?!!

  5. Oh, now that sounds like fabulousness all the way around...well, maybe not the sketchy airline. Really $19.99 each way? Wow. Have fun with lots of eatting and great friends! Cannot beat amazing women and lots of fun. Enjoy the entire time!

  6. too bad it's not my Holland :)

  7. for 20 bucks you gotta give it a try! deep breaths. i'm sure it's going to be an absolutely amazing time and i am slightly jealous that you get to hang with such a cool crew.

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  9. SAD FACE!!!
    I so wish that I was there with you girls instead of watching Yo Gabba Gabba and day dreaming of making a quilt.
    Can you please email teach me?!
    I will be your Show-Me Bestie for life if you do.

  10. have fun! i love hanging out with the girls!

  11. Such a cute group of girls! :) Holla, dorks!

  12. you at you pretties. i wanna crash it. =)

    19.99??!! holy cow. i'm sure you'll be fine & thankfully you have a flying mate!!

    have so much fun!!

  13. Oooh! I'm love to be a fly on the wall at your Hollas party! Have fun! Are you flying Allegiant? My friend takes that to her parents' cabin in Montana. She's never crashed yet :)

  14. sounds like a lovely time; girlfriend weekends are the best.

  15. Is it a "real" plane to fly for that cheap?!! ;)

    How fun to have all met and get to do it again! You girls stay out of trouble! I've read stories about "Holland"!!

  16. you are HILARIOUS!!! Awesome

  17. HAHA a $40 round trip is hilarious. Sketchy Air sounds just about right for that price. You are too funny!! :)

  18. You guys have a blast! I'll be praying for you!

  19. Oh my gosh,how fun is that?! Every girl needs some quality girl time with best friends!

    When you mentioned building wells,it made me smile because that was one of my Christmas presents last year.(I mean people donated instead of buying me a gift; I didn't actually *get* a well.But I think you probably knew that.)Just the fact that I still smile when I think about it means that it was a really great gift.It's the very essence of 'the gift that gives year round'.

  20. oh my gosh how fun. what a great, fun thing you are doing. i am not a flyer. would rather drive through just about anything to not fly. i hold strangers hands if they are sitting next to me. i've even hyper ventalated a few times flying. its awful. but next summer i will fly. somewhere, with my family. i must. the kids are dying to fly.
    have fun. enjoy. i know you will :O)