Harvest Crusade was phenomenal.
What an event.
I can't tell you how exciting it is to be at Anaheim Stadium.
Hearing God's word.

Singing praises to Him.
Seeing lives changed.

{photo by Ariel Amaro.
He is going to take over the world soon with his filmmaking and photography.
Mark my words.  I am continually freaked out and inspired by his talent.}

Bald baby could have used a headband or something.  She totally looks like a boy.
It was an adventure trying to keep her from eating off of the stadium floor.

Someone was perfecting their stinkeye.  Perhaps she thought that we were all there for a grouchy child competition.  Even my dad couldn't coax a smile out of her.  He made a valiant effort though.

But as soon as her daddy came on stage, the grouch left the building.

Halley made sure that her doll could see the whole time.  Even if it meant sacrificing her own view.

I sent shirts to Nookie Scooter and she made the best dresses ever.  With matching doll dresses too.  Can you handle the cuteness?  There are not enough words to even come close to describing how much I adore what she created.

 I love seeing this crazy reunion tour through their eyes.  To them it is totally normal to have a dad that plays drums at stadiums.  Normal and magical.  That is how childhood should be.


  1. awesome. I went to Harvest a few years ago and yes, it is AMAZING! BUt, daddy on stage rocking out? awesome!

  2. Seriously. You have the cutest kids ever--Well, the cutest kids if you exclude my three nieces and my nephew.

    Hehehe :)

  3. Oh you are so lucky to be able to go to the Harvest!!!! I can't wait for him to come over to the east cost again!!!
    ~Molly P

  4. Very very cool! Who does he play drums for? We had a wonderful church service yesterday! Great weekend allaround!

  5. Those dresses are awesome! I also love the pretty.messy.flowers. that match! :)

  6. I have totally been meaning to ask you if the Supertones played at Creation 97. My husband and I were there before we were married and we have such great memories. However he is not convinced the Supertones were there and I seem to remember them clearly. Who's right?

  7. Oh, I just love it. I am glad it was such a good day. How neat to have it at Angel Stadium. And yes, those dresses are FABULOUS.

  8. Practicing her stinkeye-- hahaha!

    The girls look absolutely adorable. Even bald baby. :) Those girls must have the most proud daddy ever.

    (P.S. You totally could have made those dresses.)

  9. what amazing memories these girls will have for years to come!!!

    and, those dresses?! genius.

  10. so fun. i listen to it live last night. so cool. emotional.
    girls look darling. how fun to see daddy rock it.

  11. oh my gosh! how cool is that!!!

  12. We call my daughter bald baby too! She's 13 months old and still nothing. She can be wearing bright yellow that I think looks feminine and some one will say hey there little buddy! Those dresses are incredible, love em!

  13. OMG! your husband was in the supertones???!!! soooo coool!!!!!

  14. those dresses are so great! and i love the mini versions, too.

    what an awesome event for the girls to witness at the stadium, and to live everyday.

  15. :) My daughter used to eat gum off the sidewalk and from under restaurant tables. OMGosh, talk about a stomach turner!!
    Love your blog as always!
    Cathy Calamaa