After a tough day that seems to be a part of a never ending string of tough days, I got an email.
A beautiful and surprising email.

From Jeanett.
Who I have yet to meet, but when I do, I know we will be great friends.

She asked (demanded politely) for my address.
All in the guise of pizza delivery.

How can I say no to cheesy goodness?
Or to having a night off of cooking?

Soon after their was a knock on the door.
Dinner arrived.

From miles away.

More than I ever expected.
Just what I needed.

Who does that?

Blog friends do that.

Thank you friend.
More than you will ever know.


  1. That's good blogging friend love right there!

  2. that rocks. i must try the chocolate lava goodness.

  3. have you tried pepperoni and pineapple b/c it is amazing!

  4. That is seriously amazing. I have to second the pepperoni and pineapple, it's not as salty as the Ham.
    I am glad to see people are still amazing me everyday.

  5. <3

    well done Jeanette, I'm inspired, I
    always have intentions, but have yet to follow through with glad Julie was blessed!

  6. AWWW how sweet! Hope your feeling better! :)

  7. We are big recyclers but while my husband is deployed, it's paper plates, all the time.

  8. That is one good friend. I love blogging friends. They are what keep us going strong right? I also love good people. They make me happy.

  9. Seriously? How sweet!!! I love this story!!!

  10. wow...that is just blogilicious!

  11. That is the absolute sweetest thing. I'm so glad I like Canandian bacon and pineapple. Whew! BFF I love blogfriends.

  12. Happiness, kindness, and goodness on so many different levels. Love it. <3

  13. Don't you just LOVE friends?! :)

  14. How cool is that?!!! I LOVE reading your blog, by the way!

    Also, wanted to let you know I'm passing on the Sunshine Award and the Beautiful Blogger Award on to YOU! Check it out here:


  15. i am blessed to have her as a real life friend. and yeah, she's pretty amazing. cooked my family the most amazing meal when we first had silas... and she had a newborn of her own! crazy, amazing, wonderful. glad you got a little "taste" of her!

  16. Wow! What a great way to bless someone -- glad you were the recipient as you really deserve it! I'm going to tuck this idea away in the back of my head to pull out when I know someone needs a lift. Ham (or Canadian Bacon) and Pineapple? My fave!! (Think it's my west coast upbringing -- they don't readily do that out here in NC!)

  17. That is so awesome! Yay Jeanett!
    My favorite type of pizza is also Hawaiian. Best combo ever!

  18. WoW u sure are L.U.C.K.Y to have such blog friends!!!! WOW i am immmmpressed :)