Last week I sat on the couch and cried.
I boo hooed over my lost pictures.
Over how much data recovery costs.

Then I channeled my drama into yo-yos.
Because yo-yos are happy.
They don't fix hard drives, but they do distract from my crazy-person-red-and-puffy-crying-for-a-week-straight eyes. 

The thing is, I had a lot of drama.
Which made a lot of yo-yos.
Yo yo's that are now transformed into happy dingle ball bib necklaces looking for new homes.

If I sell a couple billion perhaps I can send the data recovery guy's kids to college and get my pictures back.

If your neck needs some cuteness, visit my new shop.

Need an extra incentive?
Use the code boohoo for an additional 20% off of your purchase.

I've stopped crying, but I don't plan on stop making yo-yos. 
Each one is one step closer to getting the past two years back.

Edited to add:
Thanks so very much for scooping the first batch up.
I will list more as I make more.
Data recovery, here I come!


  1. That is a beautiful necklace. I'm considering buying 1 for myself!

    ...I know how upsetting losing your pictures can be. Friday, my hard drive died. Luckily I had most of pictures backed up...but I did lose several that I had just taken. =[

  2. Julie! Could I buy some yoyos from you to make hair accessories for my daughter? The necklaces are fabulous, I just don't wear jewelry of any kind really. Okay, so let me know! And also, I ordered a lightscoop today. Thanks for that tip!

  3. Those are absolutely so adorable I could just eat them up. Now I need to start making some money so I can throw it your way! Time to put my thinking cap on!

  4. Those are absolutely so adorable I could just eat them up. Now I need to start making some money so I can throw it your way! Time to put my thinking cap on!

  5. I NEED the lemonade necklace. NEED. Unfortunately, I also NEED money first. Perhaps it will still be around after I pinch my pennies and try to send some your way.


  6. What a pretty necklace...born out of your boohooing! I wish I could bring you some ice cream...I would bring you some good old Chunky Monkey Ben and Jerry's...we would of course eat it out of the tub...bad break up style.

  7. take that boo hooing! your necklaces are so.cute. i'm really partial to the sweet tea style. love it!

    and i love your new shop, too!!

  8. I've been embellishing wee ones clothes with yo-yo's! They make me smile :)

  9. I NEED cherry-ade, but someone already snapped it up.

    Boo-hoo :(

  10. LOVE the necklaces . . . ask and you shall receive! I'm going to go and pick one out :)

  11. I seriously LOVE yoyos. This necklace is fabulous! The second I saw it I started smiling. I am off to check out your shop! My sister is making a yoyo quilt right now. It is going to be fabulous. She is doing it with my grandma. Talk about happiness!

  12. Loooooove them all, especially sweet tea! Yay for listing them :)

  13. o.k.- went to the shop...and every one I tried to buy was "sold out"!! they are TOOOO cute!

  14. oh my goodness! i'm soo sorry to hear about your hard drive! =( those necklaces really are lovely though! you are one crafty lady!

  15. The necklace is so pretty! I'm so sorry that you lost your pictures...and that it costs so much to recover :(
    If it makes you feel any better, because of you, I bought an external hard drive and just backed everything up. I had never done it before.

  16. Awh so sad about your loss. Keep your chin up. The yo yo necklace is adorable.

  17. Loving your necklace, honey!

    We lost pics from one of our computers. It was awful, traumatic and sad. {{hugs}}

  18. Those are adorable! They make me happy just looking at them!!!

  19. last night i finally got to grips with the backup drive i was given for christmas... thank you for the reminder. but i'm so so sorry about your photos. beautiful necklaces!

  20. What?! YOu opened a Bigcartel shop? YAY!!

    I'm LOVING mind. Completely loving it. I was scared to make the move but it's been so worth it.

    You can boohoo to me any time.
    And keep cranking out the happy craftiness!

  21. Yeah, I so fell in love with about 5 of them, and then realized they all said SOLD- dang! I wasn't fast enough :) hehe! Maybe you can have a laughing moment and make some more (no more tears allowed)! You are amazing!! :) Blessings--

  22. Oh my. This just be my new favorite shop. I *have* to wear a necklace everyday...I just do. Don't know why - I just have to, okay? LOL!

    ...and, these are fabulous!! But, I see that they are practically all sold! ah!!

    I've been praying for you & your photo woes... maybe, somehow, He will make it possible for you to retrieve everything... who knows? He does work in miraculous ways!!

  23. LOVE the necklaces!!!! Please make more :)

    Sure hope they recover your pics from the hard drive!!!

  24. It's a good thing you're making a lot of're already sold out! Cute stuff! :)

    And thank you for reminding me that we need to buy an external hard drive...or start paying for more Mozy space.

  25. Well that a word? I went to buy a necklace and they are all sold out. Can I place a custom order?

  26. Sorry you lost your photos. It happened to me too and I cried for a week. I realized that the data recovery guys make their money off of sentimental moms like us. But I would do it over and over again for those priceless photos.

  27. LOVE THEM JULIE!! I have an affinity for yo yo's right now and I am totally digging these!! Keep on crafting girly!!

  28. Oh my gosh... please let me know when you make more. I HAVE TO HAVE one of those necklaces!!!

  29. we lost 2 yrs worth of pictures a few years ago (most of josie's baby years). it was tragic.

    i still try not to think of it cause it causes me such grief!

    and then we had another 6 month loss of pix from our computer.

    thankfully i was blogging and had many of my favorite pix here. and to my surprise picassa had loaded them too!

    we now have time machine and carbonite (both back up systems) on our computer.

    your yoyo necklaces are adorable.

  30. I own one of those.
    Just thought I'd brag a little.
    Because I don't get to very often.
    Make more so the world looks prettier.

  31. I find your blog from Ms. Fancy Nancy, Kimmie's blog! Your stuff is seriously sooo stinkin cute!!!!!! Love it! Love your style too!

    I'm foresure your follower! You can find me at, Goodnight moon!