the littlest one is sick.
the biggest one is missing our dog and sleeping with a picture of him under her pillow.
I am enjoying our first construction free day since January.
soaking in the quiet.
thankful for spring break.
eating candy.
cooking something yummy.
planting sunflowers.
taking pictures.
guest blogging with a purpose and a giveaway at Life. Rearranged.
just being.

what are you up to?


  1. Missing dogs is sad :(
    I am going to make that dish! It looks fabulous! I am, sadly, finishing my spring cleaning that I began OVER a week ago. I am a bad cleaner. :) Can't wait to check out Life Rearranged!

  2. i wish i was coming for dinner.
    we are having leftovers.
    we are headed out to a soccer game and then watching basketball! yay!

  3. There is just something wonderful about quiet. It brings a little peace. I hope you enjoy your spring break. I enjoyed all 3 weeks of having my son home. (we are in year round.) Today was his first day back. I was sad to see him go.

  4. just came back from life.rearranged.
    and i had to tell you that i think you are crazy amazing.

    p.s. did you use your new photog skills on that sweet photo of janey? it looks fantastic!

  5. I've been blogging about you, Sweets.:) How I wish it were true! So funny that Edward Pattinson was in my dream, too. I know he's your favorite- lol.

    So sorry that Janey is sick and that your little ones are heart sick of your sweet doggy. Maybe the sunflowers and candy can brighten things up a bit.:) Lori

  6. adorable picture!
    i've been soliciting donations of gift certificates and gift baskets for the teacher's at my son's school for teacher appreciation week. :) i have a quilt and a dress cut out and ready to sew, but no time to do it!

  7. Your little one is sooo cute. Those eyes are going to break a few hearts in a few years! Watch out!

  8. Today I went into the fabric store to get some covered buttons and came out with no buttons and yards and yards of fabric. LOL I'm attempting spring cleaning, but it's not going very well because I have a REALLY hard time throwing things away. But I will persevere and hopefully this place will look better by Thursday when I'm having company for a baby shower ;0)

  9. P.S. Are you going to sell your gorgeous necklaces in your Etsy shop one day? I assume you are prepping for the Queen Bee and that after that I should watch your store.

  10. I am relaxing in Pebble Beach with my family until Wednesday. I am enjoying my Spring Break & trying not to think about having to pack our house by next Monday.
    Love that picture of Janey & hooray for a quiet house with no construction.

  11. We enjoyed a very lazy day today. Still trying to unwind from a VERY busy weekend. Elle has that dress, love it on your little one :-)

  12. The littlest is so pretty in pink!

    I have projects to sew. I worked on things two night in a row, and tonight-