We took a wild animal out to eat and lived to tell about it.

Little Miss Sunshine is helping me figure out my new camera.

Stair gates may be in her future.
ER visits are not.

For the first time EVER!!! the little Valentines treats are packaged and ready to go.
Two days early.  Not at 2am the night before.
{sticker cuteness from Autumn Leah}

Bethany from Love, September is having a Haiti fundraiser where all proceeds from her pattern sales go to Haiti relief.
I have made a bunch of these a.dor.a.ble Cinch Skirts for birthday gifts and I am smitten.
In the time that it would take to pack up the kids, drive to Target, pick out cluttery plastic gift, thrown in the 10 other things that you didn't know you needed while you are there and come home, you could have made an easy, unique, and heartfelt handmade outfit.
For less money.
Plus, you are helping Haiti.
Her patterns are fabulous and so well written and illustrated and I promise you that you will fall in love with what you can create from them.

Plus it is raining today.
I am one happy, coffee drinking girl.


  1. LOVE the skirt! I'm going there to check out the pattern - thanks for posting it!! Oh - and I'm really glad everyone survived the wild animal - those things are so unpredictable :-)

  2. Janey's face is CRACKING me up in that second picture. :)

  3. I love good days. And I love that skirt. And well, Janey could make anyone smile.

  4. I can't see a photo of Janey without feeling....good. :) Also love the fabric on that skirt!

  5. are you so happy the valentines are done early??!! good for you and they're super cute!! :)

  6. gotta get me some of those patterns. they are too much! and, that photo of janey is too much, too! fyi, i {heart} the word 'too'.

  7. thanks Julie! I was wondering why all of a sudden the patterns started to sell so fast :) I'm so excited to be donating more money to Haiti-everytime I watch the news, I wish I could do more.

    What kind of camera did you get? I'm still trying to figure my new camera out. Let's just say that I won't be taking anyone else's pictures anytime soon....

  8. I LOVE the blue color of the walls in the 3rd picture! What is it? It's so bright and cheery. Something I always look for :)

  9. Great pictures! I love the cute skirt too.

    The Valentines aren't only done...they are also adorable.

  10. We did all of our valentines too!!!!!!! woo hoo! and yes...it was a perfect coffee drinking day today, wasn't it?

  11. I just LOVE happy things!
    Enjoy your cozy coffee day!
    Many Blessings!
    p.s. Janey is the cutest stinkin' thing I have ever seen!- THAT face!

  12. I bought the playdough for my granddaughter but didn't think to make my OWN stickers. CUTE!

    Look at my post today. We made your tutu shirts!

  13. Ha, its 11:58 pm and Im still melting crayon hearts! lol!

  14. Awww cute! That Hawaiian fabric is one of my favorite prints. Obviously, I mean look at my blog design.