Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Sunday.


  1. So many things are up in the air right now...and these words bring comfort. I KNOW it's all in His hands.... how do we so easily forget that?

  2. Okay, totally needed that reminder this morning! Thanks!

  3. Love this verse! Thanks for encouraging me today!
    Hope you have a great Monday!


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  5. That is SUCH a good verse & "word picture".... Thank you for the reminder. I can not remember where I found your blog but I love it! Maybe your newest fan :)
    I gotta know where you got the vintage photo "frames" you write in {assuming it is a digital element}.
    I LOVE them....
    your family is sweet & I love your story....
    have a wonderful day!
    ~Ada in Coastal Cali
    oops, the comment above was mine but was under my hubbys email-sorry ;}

  6. I randomly stumbled across your blog, and I definitely NEEDED to hear that verse just now! Thanks so much for posting it :]

    I love your blog... definitely going to add you to my reading list right now. . . :]


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