I always wanted a sister.
A sister who could hijack my blog and do something amazing.

You know who has a sister like that?

Her sweet sister Jessica of the lovely
is hosting an Autism Awareness benefit sale on behalf of Mique's oldest son JJ's tenth birthday.

Please visit the Allora Handmade blog to learn more.

It is no secret that I adore Allora Handmade.
Remember the necklace?
I love me that necklace.

Well guess what?
Jessica is donating 100% of her shop proceeds
to Autism Speaks until January 15th.

That is a sweet sister.

Visit her shop, say hello and pick up a treat or two or dozen.
Believe you me, it will be hard to pick.

Happy Birthday JJ!

A while ago I chatted with Mique about making a special flower to benefit Autism Awareness. Today is the perfect day to unveil it.

1 in 110 children is affected by Autism.
Chances are you know someone that is.
Perhaps you can show your support by wearing this pin, or even by treating them to their own.

I will be donating proceeds from this puzzle pin to Autism Speaks as well.

Let's help them find answers to this complicated puzzle.


  1. THANK YOU JULIE!!! You are awesome.

  2. No- really- THANK YOU! You are amazing (and so is Jess!!!!!!) ;) Love you both!

  3. That is a beautiful flower for a really beautiful cause!!

  4. Love your blog and am a new follower!! So cute!!

  5. Beautiful flower for a very worthy cause. :)

  6. What perfect flower fabric with the puzzle. Absolutely perfect. I love how you jump on a cause and make it happen. Love your heart for God. So encouraging and uplifting in a time and in a world that is not so. A breath of fresh air!

  7. What a great cause! I worked with Autistic children as my college workstudy. And I wants me that flower. LOL

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  9. I can't wait to get my messy flower pin!!