In real life.
I am dorky and shy.
But blogging has made me think that it is totally normal to meet new people that I only have previously known from my safe little blog world.
Bethany is one of those people.
I really wish we were neighbors.
But she lives in the inferno called Arizona,
yet longs to be back in beautiful Kansas.
Her family came out to San Diego for vacation
and we planned a little park play date in the middle.

I'm not super familiar with San Diego county parks, so what did I do?
Ask another blogger of course!
Nicole had the perfect place in mind.
Right off the freeway and right on the beach.
So I picked the critters up from school and headed south.
I had to look somewhat cute, because HELLO! she is a blogger and photographer. A photo op was sure to occur. I wore my stolen Allora necklace and my borrowed yellow shoes all in a feigned attempt to mask the nerdy.
She dragged her kind and understanding husband along too.

All I have to say is, if my husband came to me like this:
"I'm going to a park to meet my Fantasy Football friend from Iowa.
Do you want to come and bring the kids?"

My answer would be:
That would be really, really weird."

But for some reason when I go do the same thing
it seems like the most normal thing in the world.

Our kids got along great.
The beach was beautiful.
Her husband is a really good sport.
My nerdiness was changed to awesomeness all thanks to my necklace.
Now I have a new friend in real life.
She even blogged about it here.

Who's going to rock there own version of Allora awesome?
Maybe you can come over, we can meet and
wear our matchy-matchy necklaces together!


  1. Hey there! I got your msg last week, about the chick fil-a opening. Well I didn't make it, instead I got sick, also the reason I didn't get you called back. So I thought I would go to the one this week...well my kids got sick, h1n1 sick. =( Sooooo...I am going to try for some free chick fil-a some other time. Thank you for being willing to train me...cause you know when it comes to cfa, there ain't no messin around!! ha!

  2. Are you kidding me?!? Did I seriously win out of all of those people. Aaahhhh! (I literally just did that out loud)! I will send you an email.

  3. Is it bad that I'm made at Anna Marie for winning, and not me? ;)

    Just kidding - congrats, lucky!

  4. How awesome are you two. I love that you met at a park and got to know each other in real! So fun. Isn't it true how we make all these blog friends and they really do feel like that "friends". And they are. What a fun fun day! Love it.

  5. send me the necklace and you can have the darn pot.

  6. I've met several of my online forum friends and now blogger friends. It's not weird to me at all. And honestly, my husband is over it. He's sooo used to it.

  7. I met my best friend in the whole world on myspace two years ago in a group forum. We started by just chatting online and then moved on to talking on the phone. We finally got to meet face to face when she came down to Alabama from Michigan this summer for my baby shower. She is my soul twin, and my absolute best friend in the whole wide world. I thank God for the internet because otherwise I might never have met her and my life would still be missing something.

    On a side note, both of our husbands thought we were crazy too but now they just go along with it. LOL

  8. yay for anna marie!!! she is an awesome commenter and deserves to win! sweet! so excited for you anna maire!

  9. I had a similar experience and my husband thought I was crazy........I can hear him now...."you are going to be on Dateline episode for Missing Moms.

    It was great and now we are IRL friends too!!

    Nice post