This may be one of the most important posts I ever write.
I need your help.

The Howertons need your help.

But most of all
needs your help.

Imagine having to leave your child behind.
Coming home. Your heart torn and shredded.
Happy to be with your family, but broken that your family is
not wholly together.

Last night Diane Sawyer visited the orphanage where Keanan lives.
She held him.
He held her.
She called him a hugger.
{watch the clip here. Keanan is the one in the light blue shirt.}

He needs his mom.
He needs his dad.
He needs his brothers and sisters.

Please, take a few minutes to send emails,
make calls on the Howerton's behalf.
They are seeking Humanitarian Parole for their son.

Everything you need to know can be found here.
If you know ANYONE who has any knowledge,
experience or influence please ask them,
beg them, plead with them to help too.

Let's bring him home.

He will come home.

"Nobody made a greater mistake
than the one who did nothing
because they could only do a little"
-Edmund Burke


  1. my heart is breaking for this family!!! i don't even know them but i've found myself constantly praying for them and thinking of them. i can't imagine the stress they're dealing with. may the Lord move mountains.

  2. I began reading your blog a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed it. Though, I didn't know then how much we would have in common. I used to work for Hearline Ministries in Haiti. I lived there off and on for 3 years and the Mchoul's are dear friends.

    I am praying for this little boy. I have watched American parents be serperated from their babies too many times. I hope they get him back in their arms soon.

  3. I've been keeping up with your friend since you wrote about her the other day. I was watching the news last night wondering if I would see any Americans interviewed. Can you believe that I actually ONLY watch FOX News, however, we were flipping through the channels to see more coverage and stopped on that interview with Diane Sawyer! I feel like I know your friend and son. Our local Christian DJ and family just brought their son home from Haiti earlier this year after a 2-year wait. I forwarded your friends' information to him, so the Howertons would have a like-minded prayer partner in South Carolina, too.

    One reason to stay calm and Trust and Obey is that God obviously had his hand on Kristen and the children's safety in the midst of that craziness. Surely He has great things for Keenan and the Howertons.

  4. I've been keeping up on Kristen's blog since you posted that beautiful picture of her and her little ones taking on the day of the earthquake. Praying for them knowing God will bring sweet Keenan home to his family soon!

  5. Ugh, my heart just hurts. We have friends that are also going through the adoption process in Haiti...the orphanage where their children live is now too dangerous to stay in. Let's pray we can get ALL these babies home as soon as possible!

  6. Wrote to my senators. Thanks for making me aware of this issue.

  7. I just don't understand why it takes so long for the families to remove their children? What is causing the delay? Do you know why it takes so long?

    We are praying for Keanan and his family every day and night. Will keep an eye for updates.

  8. Sent emails - and praying for Keanan and his family, as well as all of the other children in his same situation.

    God does have a plan. A wonderful plan. :)

  9. DONE! Just sent emails AND a letter! so heartbreaking...HUGE GIANT mountains of prayers being sent their way!

  10. I just read on CNN that the US is waiving required paperwork for the children who have families waiting in the US and that 150 kids have already been united with their parents here. I am praying that Keenan is one of those who is not safe in the arms of their families.

  11. I'm sorry - I mistyped and said not instead of NOW. Please excuse the error!

  12. hosting an auction for heartline ministries on my blog...also, starting a new line called "sugar toes" this week to raise money for haiti....

    praying for keenan to come home soon.

  13. Such a sad and frustrating story! Hopefully together we can change the situation! You are an amazing friend for them!

  14. just added all of the info to my heart is sad yet strong for them..for all of them.


  15. praying & writing letters tonight. I hope they get to bring home sweet Keanan soon!!

  16. I thought you might want to put this Haiti person finder Google gadget on your page.

    I have it on mine, but you have many more visitors.


  17. so thrilled today to read her blog and hear Kenan is home! God is good!! all the time!!