I hate my cooktop.
Scratch that.
I don't prefer it.
(Love how Lindsey teaches her kids to say that!)

I do not prefer my electric cooktop for many reasons.

1. It is from the 80's.
Lets be honest. Not much good came from the 80's, besides The Smiths and... I've got nothing. Pretty much only The Smiths.

2. It takes 30 minutes to boil a pot of water.
Thirty stinking minutes. For someone who is a major fail at time management and planning, this is often disastrous to normal meal times.

3. It randomly will be a billion degrees and then ice cold for no reason.
Not good for toffee crack making. Unless my goal is to ruin every single batch of toffee crack and break my addiction to it. Then it is awesome.

4. It is electric. I know there are those out there that heart themselves some electric. I am not one of you. I learned on gas. It is all I know. I am trying to adjust to electric, but two months in I still dread cooking on it. Any tips?

But at the end of every
"I don't prefer my 80's cooktop"
rainbow there is a pot of...


Which makes watching water boil so much more fun.
Even if it doesn't solve my cooktop issues, I now like it
times as much.

Besides, one of the burners is broken
and now has an actual purpose in life.
To be the resting place of my new aqua gorgeousness.

Thanks 320 girls!
you made my birthday the. best. ever.!!!

p.s. what's in the pot?
that you simply must make.
electric success.


  1. Well I would say that aqua pot would make the electric burner "situation" better too... What a BEAUTY... Looks like the perfect pot for making The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls... I'm just sayin'...

  2. That awesomely colored pot would make having to live with that cooktop worth it...but i must point out that i see your cooktop is a MagicChef and my MIL currently has a NEW MC microwave which comes on and runs all by itself even when the door is open...and no one will own up to taking it back or replacing...so she's stuck with unplugging it after every use!! good luck and i hope you get a new one soon...but until then the aqua pot will still look great sitting there!!! love it...what kind is it?

  3. WOW, that is beautiful!!! I hate, I mean, don't prefer, electric either. ugh. And mine's from like 1970 and the oven overcooks everything, too. grrr.

  4. The only good part of that cooktop is the gorgeous pot. I simply cannot cook on electric. I had mine ripped out and ran a gas line to my island just so I could have gas.

  5. This is going to sound like a dumb question, but do you put a lid on the pot when you boil water? If not, you will lose 75% of the energy out of the top of the pot. You can also put warm water from the tap into the pot to make it faster, and of course, turn the heat as high as it will go.

    I miss cooking with gas but I've grown used to cooking with electric again since buying our house.

  6. that is a great big pot of fabulousness--right there!
    love it!

  7. We currently have an electric from the mid 90s and we are getting ready to move to a house with a gas stove. I am actually looking forward to it. I know that I will especially love it when those ice storms come through and kill our electricity. Ugh!

    BTW...I make Megan's stuffed shells all the time. So yummy!

  8. I'm a good thing that came from the 80's! And you're forgetting about Rainbow Brite. She's from the 80's too!

  9. I've had to adjust to cooking on electric as well. I wanted a gas line and a new stove but that line would have cost $1000 and natural gas out here is like, $100 a month. CRAZY. Anyway, if you can, get rid of that Magic Chef asap. They usually put that brand in apartments. It's known for being a crappy brand. Good luck!!

  10. Oh how I love it. How very fun! Those 320 girls are fabulous :) (And just so you know I never sent the package. I have just had some issues over at my house. And I had my cry over it, told my husband how upset I was, and now am making peace. So please forgive. But I just tear up everytime I see all the good things other people seemed to be able to send and do for Project 320. I hope you will still be my friend. I instead will try to find another good cause for my handmade items to go to.) But, oh happy day to that new pot. And I hear ya on electic. We had one growing up. My Mom used to use different burners for just one pot of carmels. Start on one that is high and then have another that is on a low setting and move the pot midway through. Good luck. Glad you had a nice little birthday party :)

  11. um, I came from the 80's! But I agree, both with the bad stuff from the 80's and how much I don't prefer my electric cooktop. Pancakes, which we make every week, are a major point of contention between me and my electric. argh!

  12. I totally missed telling you happy birthday. oops.
    Happy Birthday!!

  13. I'm sure I know the person behind that gift... and she probably wanted to keep it herself!

    Put a little salt in your water, it will help it boil more quickly. :)

  14. oh yeah...happy birthday last week!
    that pot is so pretty. really nice.
    i want one too.
    but red!
    it would sit out all the time here in my kitchen too.
    and i do not like electric either. at all.

  15. Love it! I'll bet that pot makes a fabulous pot of chili.


  16. I have an electric cook top. I always boil my water in an electric kettle and then pour it into a pot on the stove top. It goes a million times faster!

  17. That recipe just found itself on a card in my recipe box! Sounds yummy! Should you also maybe dislike how awful the stove tops are to clean when your meal boils over? Maybe you don't ever do that.... I do! But if one burner is dead, maybe one day you'll find yourself with an actual need for a new stove. Until then, that pot is a beauty!

  18. Happy late Birthday!! I think your pot is pretty.

  19. Holla for the awesome pot! Glad you like it, you DESERVE it!!!!
    Sorry about the electric range, I am also a gas girl. I think it costs about $2575 to put a gas line in....

  20. Um, hello - Rainbow Brite, the Care Bears, Jem and myself are all rad things from the 80's! Holla for your awesome pot - so glad you love it, and I'm so glad you got a good photogaph of it!!

  21. I really really really do not prefer electric either. Can I say loathe instead of hate, because that is how strongly I feel. It annoys me that if you have the heat up a little to high you have to wait 10 minutes for the burner to cool down to where you want it. Meaning you either scorch your food or have to slow cook it to prevent burning. I have had to deal with electric for the past 3 years because having gas appliances is a rarity in FL. We are moving to Ohio now and gas stove was on my must list for buying a new house. Seriously! Anyhow, our last house in Ohio was originally electric stove and my husband (who I should note is not at all mechanically inclined or handy) ran a gas line to it. It was pretty expensive to run the line, of course you will need a new stove. So, just a thought. It may be possible to have gas back eventually.
    Good luck!

  22. One more thing...
    It could just be the stove. We rent right now so the stove isn't exactly the best quality because why would the owners invest in a fancy stove for renters. And I haven't heard the greatest things about Magic Chef.
    So, if you are stuck with electric forever, perhaps a nice electric range would do the trick.

  23. this momma loves 'the smiths', loves the aqua pot, loves you, but HATES electric for cooking! ugh!

  24. Oooh my mom has one and I can't stand trying to boil water at her house when I have super gas burners on my stove top.

  25. I am SO with you on the electric cook top. I most definitely do NOT prefer it! We've been in our house six months and I still have not gotten used to it and mess things up all the time on it. We are moving again (long sad story) and the thing I keep saying to myself to make things seem a little better is, at least I'll have a gas cook top back! :)

    Love your aqua pot though. Way cool!

  26. All I have to say is JEM.
    Love her.
    Want to BE her.... still.
    And I am so glad you like your pot.
    So you. So cute!
    And once again, you make me laugh so much my face hurts.
    If only I had 2575 nickels for everytime that has happened.... I would be one rich momma!
    And Mel and the Heathers.... so funny!!!!!!!

  27. Wow that is one cool pot! You are making me love aqua all the more! Even though purple is my favorite color, I know your nemesis!! But that is how I used to feel about aqua, turquoise, and the like because they reminded me of the ‘80’s, but you do aqua right and Jennifer: http://jennifersjunkylife.typepad.com/whimsical_junk/ has helped too. Now I love the color, especially along side red! And I have kind of started to love ‘80’s stuff more lately, does that make me old!?

    I was raised around an electric stove, but we have had gas for awhile now. I’d like to go back to electric for safety reasons, but I know it will be hard to do, for the reasons you mentioned.

    We have a pretty large microwave and now I boil so many things in the microwave because I read an article that said microwaves are more energy efficient. I don’t know if it is for sure true for everyone but it is for us because our stove is soooo ancient. I can do a large amount of noodles in the microwave and have it done in 12-15 minutes!

    I’ve been writing down all the recipes from yours and Meg’s blog! I can’t wait to try them all! And I will be trying some of these recipes next week. And speaking of…about how much cocoa or coffee do you put in the frosting for the Mason Jar Cupcakes? Baking more gifts this year!! ;)

    Thanks and have a great weekend! :)

  28. Where. In. The. World!!! Did you get such a fabulous pot??!! Please do tell ...

  29. advice? ;) look on craigslist for a new/used stove. those kinds of things make me so crazy it is worth the expenditure even if you feel that if "it aint broke, dont fix it" it's not exactly working for you either though? ;) i have a 3 year old electric stove and i LOVE it. Yes, I know lots of people with gas that prefer gas, but if you found something newer, you'd be much happier. It's a Kenmore. Maybe even scratch and dent? Good luck!

  30. Happy Be-lated birthday Julie! I love lvoe the pot! what kinda of pot is it? I love bright fun colors like aqua n such! super cute n fun!

  31. This aqua lovely is made by Le Creuset and it is Le Fabulous!

  32. We have had an electric burner situation as well. Would love to have a gas one instead. But at least we have one. Is there any way you could repost your toffee crack recipe or let me know which post it is on. I am not having any luck finding it and it sounds so good this time of year. Thanks and by the way, the blue pot is awesome!!!!