Friday, December 18, 2009

cool kids

wear bunny hats with
Christmas pinnies
to look at holiday lights.

(which may or may not be due to the fact that all they have are hand me downs and their head is crazy giant and doesn't fit into their big sister's baby santa hats.)

P.S. you still have a few more hours to donate and win an amazing bundle of happiness over at Project 320.
We are nearly on our way to well #2.

Praise God!


  1. I seriously could just eat her up! Those big blue eyes! She's a doll in her Christmas/bunny gear, haha!

  2. She is ever so cute! I love her teeth! "Cool kids, Cool kids"

  3. GREAT picture! Janey is too cute & too cool in that bunny hat.

  4. Those eyes are killing me! Such a cool kid in her bunny hat!!

  5. Very cute. And crazy big heads are in this year, or hadn't you heard? (Just Kidding) My nephew always had a larger-than-it-should-be head it seemed. He's pretty much normal now.

  6. Little cute nugget! Both my kiddos have enormous heads.....hard to find any hats to fit them {they get it from their dad}.

    Awesome news on Project 320 :)

  7. Well you know, when you're that stinkin' cute it really doesn't matter what's on your head! I'm just sayin'...

  8. your daughter is adorable! I love all of the clothes on the lassie girl site, My daughter will be getting a coulple of things from their for sure!! I love your blog and have been following for a few months now! Merry Christmas!

  9. She is such a cutie COOL KID.
    Want to steal her!

  10. I just thought I would drop a note and say thanks for sharing. Yes, I am a stranger, but your joy in life and family reminds me of my own sweet girl's joy in life. She finds it the way you do...a look, a photo, an unexpected gift. God bless you.

    Debi Baird


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